Wendy's Twitter Just Called Out This Hilarious Drive-Thru Truth

Let's be completely honest: a drive-thru is a dream come true. When you're in a rush but want to get some food from your favorite fast food restaurant, a drive-thru can be the best solution. You can quickly pick up your freshly prepared meal and enjoy it at your own pace.

It can be a pretty interesting experience to work at a fast food chain and take care of the company's drive-thru services. For one fast food worker, things got weird when someone showed up with a bed. Seriously. While the driver drove away from the counter, a lady waited on the bed for her order to get ready. The Redditor explained, "... after receiving her food, the bed woman carried the bed to a parking space, got in, and ate." Strange encounters for the win!

The official  Wendy's Twitter account has an interesting observation about drive-thrus. Most of us will be able to relate to it, to be honest.

The way you place your order matters, right?

Wendy's made a solid statement on Twitter that most people could immediately relate to. Its tweet read, "Who else has a 'normal person voice' they use when they pull up to order at the drive-thru?" This hits home for so many people. Most of us cannot help but switch to a different voice when we're placing our orders at a drive-thru. Also, it can be pretty stressful if you're not sure what you want to eat and need to order for all your friends. (So much pressure...!)

One Twitter user hit the nail on the head when they wrote, "I use the same voice but my ability to come across as a relaxed person goes out the window. Like I could walk into the place laughing and joking with a friend but when I order I become super formal." According to yet another tweet, it all comes down to being as loud as possible while placing an order. Another commenter pointed out that the app is the best option because they're afraid of talking to "anyone that isn't a corporate mascot." Well, well.