This TikTok Hack Claims To Take The Taste Out Of Tequila

Fancy a tequila shot? According to Town and Country, this drink is the result of hard work. Tequila can be made in just a few areas of Mexico. It often relies on the blue agave plant, which takes at least eight years to be ready for harvesting. While many people do choose to have tequila shots with a bit of lime and salt, Mexicans like savoring their drinks slowly instead of downing them as a shot.

Thanks to the internet, there is always plenty of inspiration available. Whether you're looking to make your drink taste better or experiment with a cocktail that you've always wanted to try, it's highly likely that you'll find something that appeals and instructs you. TikTok users are currently sharing a video that promises to eliminate the taste of tequila from your drink in case you find that flavor a bit too overpowering and want to sip something milder.

More than one person has asked why

The trick to ensure that tequila does not taste like tequila is a simple combination of salt, baking soda, and mineral water mixed with the tequila. A TikTok user demonstrating the hack claims that he couldn't discern the taste of tequila at all and he was shocked by the results. Some viewers are flummoxed and wondering why the flavor of tequila needs to be eliminated. If you drink tequila, isn't the taste one of the selling points?

On other social media, a Redditor has noticed that this has become some kind of a trend. They wrote a sarcastic post titled "watching the brainiacs of TikTok 'invent' a new way to minimize the taste of alcohol by adding baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), salt, and sparkling water. AKA: the literal ingredients of club soda." Are you rolling your eyes yet? Other Redditors are amused and have offered more suggestions, such as mixing juice with alcohol. Another commenter wrote, "I wonder if I could make a TikTok about minimizing the taste of bourbon by adding coca cola to it." Exactly.