Over 26% Said This Brand Has The Worst Frozen French Fries

Frozen fries are truly a gift to households everywhere. Although homemade fries can be undoubtedly delicious, it's nice to have an option that doesn't require a lot of time, work, or cleanup. And no one can deny how convenient it is to always have a bag of pre-cut, seasoned potatoes ready to go.

Still, frozen fries can have their downfalls. Sometimes they don't taste as fresh or crisp as you expected. They can lack seasoning, be over-seasoned, or just not taste right for whatever reason. Plus, if you don't end up liking the frozen fries you buy, you're stuck with a bag taking up space in your freezer.

Surprisingly though, there's one brand that over 26% of people agree had the worst frozen fries. While there's no way to be certain what everyone likes, it's clear from these results that there's one brand people overwhelmingly don't like. Next time you're at the store looking for frozen fries, while we can't tell you what to buy, hopefully, this will help you know what to avoid.

Most Customers Don't Like Kroger Fries

According to a survey conducted by Mashed, 26% of the 657 US respondents agree that out of six options, Kroger has the worst frozen fries.

About 22% disliked Market Pantry's fries, designating them second-worst out of the available choices. 11% selected Alexia, 13.5% said McCain, and 16% felt Whole Foods' fries were their least favorite. Most also agreed that of the options, Ore-Ida was better than the other five, with only 8.68% of respondents thinking they had the worst fries.

However, don't count Kroger fries out for good. They did place on a list of The Kitchn's "best frozen french fries," so they must taste pretty good to some, right?

"These thicker-cut sticks tasted the most salty and savory of all," the article explained. "Crispy on the outside, the interior texture was like smooth, salty mashed potatoes. Get these if you prefer the kinds of fries that are thick enough to soak up ketchup, malt vinegar, or gravy."

It's possible the respondents of this survey just prefer a thinner, less salty fry. Maybe you agree with the results, maybe not, but as the saying almost goes, "to each fry their own."