Hot Ones' New Ice Cream Nuggets Will Be Sold At These Locations

You probably think ice cream and hot sauce are on two opposite ends of the food spectrum. After all, it's right there in the name: ice cream is cold and creamy, while hot sauce is spicy, biting, and well, just plain hot. But the popular online talk show Hot Ones wants to prove that idea wrong. The show is is partnering with hot sauce shop Heatonist and New York City cereal bar Milk & Cream to launch Hot Ones Ice Cream Nuggets. This unique frozen dessert combines all the smoky heat of a classic Heatonist hot sauce with smooth sweetness of bite-sized ice cream.

According to Food Beast, these limited edition ice cream nuggets will come in two one-of-a-kind flavors. The hot and spicy version boasts a Hot Ones Chocolate Pow Pow infused white chocolate shell and is coated with spicy Flamin' Dust. They also have an option for people who want to try the treat without the heat. This milder nugget has creamy vanilla ice cream dipped in a white chocolate shell for extra sweetness, plus a dusting of cinnamon and corn flakes for a bit of crunch. For an extra special kick, each order of ice cream nuggets will come with a side of Hot Ones Nugget Honey, so truly brave foodies can add even more heat to their treats.

Hot Ones Ice Cream Nuggets will be available at all Milk & Cream locations

Milk & Cream announced this upcoming creative culinary release on Instagram, and their followers were certainly intrigued. Their post was inundated with more-than-appropriate fire emojis, and even the most skeptical followers said they were "down to try." Milk & Cream cereal bar will be offering the Hot Ones Ice Cream Nuggets from September 23 to November 4 at all three of their locations: 159 Mott St. in Manhattan, 25-88 Steinway St. in Queens, and 175 Newark Ave. in Jersey City, New Jersey. An order of nuggets costs $12 at all three locations (via Food Beast).

These unique treats are sure to be unlike anything you've ever tasted before. If you're a fan of spicy foods, or are just an adventurous eater who is up for anything, then you definitely won't want to miss the opportunity to experience a sweet and spicy culinary experience like no other. If you live near any of these Milk & Cream locations, don't wait to head to the nearest one to get your hands on these limited edition Hot Ones Ice Cream Nuggets while supplies last.