Everything We Know About Haribo's 2021 Halloween Candy Lineup

Halloween may be weeks away, but there's no need to deprive yourself of creepy, crawly candy during the countdown to Trick-or-Treat. Haribo, a Germany-based candy company and creator of the original gummy bear, has just rolled out its annual roster of Halloween-themed candies (via All Recipes). 

This year's array of limited-edition gummies includes Scaremix (via Chew Boom), a spooky take on Haribo's traditional Starmix assortment, which features Goldbears, Twin Snakes, Happy Cola, Happy Cherries, and Gummy Rings, but with a scary twist — think Boo Bears instead of Goldbears and Dracula's Rings instead of Gummy Rings with mouthwatering flavors like Watermelon, Blood Orange, Black Cherry, Blue Berry. There's even a Blood Orange Cola flavor mash-up which, according to FoodSided, is surprisingly tasty in a sweet-yet-tart kind of way. 

Haribo's limited-edition Halloween 4-ounce sharing assortments also include Sour Vampire Bats (bat-shaped gummies in Sour Black Currant and Sweet Cherry, Sour Orange and Sweet Cherry, and Sour Green Apple and Cherry) and Ghostly Gummies (bat-, pumpkin-, skull-, and skeleton-shaped gummies) in assorted fruity flavors.

Haribo has something spooky for everyone

We get it. You want to keep all the yummy gummies for yourself, but the ghoulish Trick-or-Treaters who ring your doorbell on Halloween are going to demand a share. No need to scare them away. In addition to the 4-ounce share size — but c'mon, were you really going to share — this year's collection of Haribo Halloween treats includes assortment bags of individually packed gummies. The Sweet or Scary Mix includes one-serving packs of Ghostly Gummies, Sour Vampire Bats, and Haribo Goldbears, and the Trick-or-Treat Mix includes one-serving packs of Ghostly Gummies, Sour Vampire Bats, Goldbears, Happy Cola, and Twin Snakes and are available in 80- and 150-count bags (via Chew Boom).

You may want to stock up because Haribo's Halloween blend comes in handy for spooky-themed parties, too. Fansided suggests topping cupcakes with Scaremix gummies. How about a Blood Orange Cola Boo Bear on a chocolate cupcake? Sounds spookylicious to us. 

Haribo's Halloween assortments are available at retailers nationwide while supplies last. Target lists an 80-count bag of Halloween Trick or Treat Mix at $9.99. Meanwhile, a 4-ounce bag of Sour Vampire Bats is $1.