Jones Soda's Bizarre Thanksgiving Flavor Is Making A Long Awaited Comeback

Strange soda flavors are actually not so strange as one might think. According to Coldist, "There's a world brimming with unusual soft drinks just waiting to be explored." Some of the oddest flavors include Bacon, Candy Corn, Curry, and Cucumber. One soft drink brand that has made a name for itself through the sheer weirdness of some of its offerings is Jones Soda. As The Takeout notes, Jones has unleashed such outlandish soda flavors as Antacid, Salmon Paté, and Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto on tongues brave enough to try them.

Bizarre flavors have been a holiday tradition for Jones Soda, whose past creations include Mashed Potato & Butter, Green Bean Casserole, Christmas Ham, and even Turkey and Gravy! That last flavor, Turkey and Gravy, was released as a single Thanksgiving-flavored beverage. It generated so much buzz that Jones not only brought it back the following year but added more Thanksgiving-themed flavors. Sadly, it was later discontinued (via Food & Wine). Well, Jones Soda is bringing its Turkey and Gravy flavored soda back from the graveyard. 

Savory Soda — now we've seen everything

Jones' Turkey and Gravy soda launched in 2003 and was last sold around 10 years ago (via Food & Wine). So the return is quite a comeback moment for the soda pop company. Jones is bringing back the drink in a limited capacity (only 35,000 bottles) for its 25th anniversary and as a way to recognize one of the flavors that helped put the company on the map. In an interview with Adweek, the president and CEO of Jones Soda, Mark Murray, said that Turkey and Gravy flavor had been gone long enough. "There's a whole generation an entire demographic of Gen Z and younger millennials — that's never tried it, but maybe just heard of it," Murray added.

However, the company is quoted as saying the drink is "more for a gag than for drinkability (which, truth to tell, is a challenge even for the most adventurous tasters)." So drink at your own risk!