The Reason You Need To Keep A Lid On When Cooking Sous Vide

When you want to have fun in the kitchen, nothing feels as exciting as preparing your meal in a sous vide cooker. According to Anova, the technique known as sous vide entails vacuum-sealing food in an air-tight bag and placing it into a temperature-controlled water bath. The items in the bag cook over time and you end up with a final product that tastes juicy and tender. This method of food preparation works for many recipes and can make the ideal egg, salmon filet, or steak.

In theory, sous vide cooking sounds straightforward and easy, but the details can cause some issues when you want to create the perfect meal. Some chefs have to decide between immersion circulators or tubs with built-in circulators, while others debate the merits of cooking in open containers or closed tubs, per Serious Eats. These seemingly minor choices can have big consequences in the kitchen, and selecting a tub with a lid can make all the difference when you have to whip up an impressive meal.

The secret to consistent sous vide cooking

When you want to have the utmost control over your sous vide cooker, always opt for a tub with a lid and always keep the lid closed. Cook's Illustrated always recommends sealing the top of your tub because this ensures that the water heats evenly, prevents any other items or ingredients from accidentally falling in the tub, and slows the evaporation of the water bath, meaning you don't have to refill the container as frequently while you prepare the meal. Just make sure to find the right lid for your cooking vessel and try out specialized lids with hinges that can make your time in the kitchen a bit more fun.

Some may opt to use plastic wrap to cover their sous vide cooking setup instead of using a lid. While this solution works in a pinch, don't expect it to solve every problem. Plastic wrap has the potential to tear if it has to get removed while the immersion circulator is running, doesn't hold a solid grip due to steam from the water bath evaporation, and has to get replaced after every use. When you want to go green and have a consistent solution for this ultra-precise food preparation method, make sure to keep your tub covered next time you make a meal using a sous vide cooker.