How Aaron Sanchez Landed His First Food Network Job

Celebrity chef Aarón Sánchez has definitely made a name for himself as a culinary superstar. Turns out, he's always had the urge to cook. He told Diced in an interview that he was inspired by his mom, who was in the restaurant business. She had a simple rule: Her kids would have to help out with the family business to earn their pocket money. Eventually, Sánchez felt like he truly belonged in the kitchen. He said, "It just became something I really enjoyed, and it was one of the few things I was good at."

The kitchen also gave Sánchez a chance to introduce some discipline into his routine because it came equipped with a defined structure and plenty of mentoring. As an adult, he knew that this was his calling and it just made sense to be a chef. 

Sánchez first began exploring the world of television because he wanted to ensure that he's able to spread awareness about his restaurants. However, he gradually evolved as a TV personality and realized he wants to do more. "As I've gotten older, the mission has been more profound. Now it's teaching aspects of my culture and food to people that might not be familiar with it. It's an obligation to myself and then to my background so people can cook this food authentically at home and fall in love with it," he told Diced.

Aarón Sánchez didn't immediately hit it big

For Aarón Sánchez, getting an opportunity to be a part of the Food Network was a matter of luck. He told Diced that he can still recall the day things changed for him: He was at a party that was hosted by food critic Arthur Schwartz. This is where he came across chef David Rosengarten, who offered him a chance to be on Food Network through appearances on his show, "In Food Today."

Sánchez said that Rosengarten wanted him to work on dishes for occasions like Cinco de Mayo. Nothing was instant, though. Things took time. Sanchez explained, "Somehow, I guess somebody liked it and they called me back to do some different episodes and that's how it started happening. It was a very gradual process." Well, his hard work definitely paid off and now, the chef is a household name.