This Should Be Hawaii's Official Food, According To Reddit

The stunning state of Hawaii is a prized destination for explorers and serene parties alike. Known for its surreal views, outstanding surfing, rich culture, and last but not least, exquisite culinary scene, Hawaii is a little piece of paradise on Earth. Foodies flock to the Aloha State to indulge in distinctive signature dishes that date back eons, such as kalua pork, poi, and the mega-popular poke (via Migrationology).

While these traditional dishes attract tourists and are beloved by Hawaiians, there are a handful of honorable mentions that many think better represent this unique state. One dedicated cook took to Reddit to seek out each American state's go-to dish that best represents all that they have to offer. Residents all over the country couldn't have been more excited to jump on board and share their region's culinary sources of pride, Hawaiians included. With surrounding waters, delicious fresh fish is expected to be the star of most Hawaiian dishes, but locals will always put their one true love first: Spam.

Spam, rice, and eggs is the classic Hawaiian breakfast

While poke certainly made its way into the Reddit conversation about Hawaii's ideal national dish, it was the second-place suggestion, according to Food & Wine. The general consensus, instead, was that the quintessential Hawaiian meal consists of pan-fried slices of Spam, steamed white rice, and scrambled eggs. Spam's popularity in Hawaii began at the end of World War II, when the U.S. placed fishing restrictions on the state, Eater reports. Without seafood as their main source of protein, islanders turned to the wartime staple, and they haven't stopped eating it since.

Today, Hawaiians consume more salty but delicious Spam than anywhere else in the country, devouring 7 million cans per year, per the brand's website. Besides the classic Spam, rice, and eggs breakfast, which is so popular that it's on the McDonald's menu in the state, other tried-and-true combinations include Spam musubi, Spam fried rice, and a good Spamwich (via The Hawaii Plan). Whether it be morning, noon, or night, Hawaiians believe Spam deserves a place on their plate.