The Hilarious Problem Some People See With This Viral TikTok Hack For Cooking Steak

There is a lot to be perplexed by in a recent viral TikTok cooking video. At the heart of the conundrum is whether one should view this tip involving butter, steak, and a cholesterol assault as absolutely ludicrous and not to be taken seriously or as a "cooking hack." But if you take Tammy Louise, aka @tammylouiseee, at face value, a hack is exactly what you've got on your hands when you sandwich a steak between two sticks of butter, sprinkle it with taco seasoning, and stick it on a hot pan. Well that, and a lot of butter.

The Mirror explains that food hacks, how-tos, and recipes are Louise's bread and butter, so to speak. Content telling people the "right" way to enjoy peanut butter and how to make "the most romantic breakfast ever" garnered loads of views and likes (via TikTok)." The steak hack alone currently has over 3 million views. But Louise's method for cooking steak, which the post says restaurants "don't want you to know," and is essentially using three sticks of butter, an onion, and a packet of taco seasoning to cook a small fillet, isn't as popular as those numbers might suggest. "That's so wrong on many levels," one user commented, using a string of worried emojis, while another said, "I work at a restaurant and ummmm well that's not right." But perhaps user @jeana said it best in her comment on the video, when she wrote, "this is like a joke, right?"

Some comments cut like a hot knife through too much butter

The problem with Louise's TikTok cooking hack is not that it's an artery explosion waiting to happen. Or, it's not just that. TikTok users are also upset because of the misleading caption at the beginning of the video. "What restaurants don't want you to know!!" with a couple of shocked, mind-blown emojis, would suggest that Louise is about to spill the steak-cooking secrets of the professional culinary world. And, while the women in the video are correct that Julia Child, as portrayed by Meryl Streep in Julie and Julia, was certainly a proponent of butter, there is no evidence to suggest that any professional chef worth her salt, let alone the entire restaurant industry, would ever cook a steak between two sticks of butter under a shower of taco seasoning.

The comments section seemed to skew slightly negative, with many more users eager to point out how terrible the "hack" was than to express a desire to eat and/or make steak using Louise's strange method. Lad Bible was keen to give Louise the benefit of the doubt, pointing out that restaurants all do things differently, and that there's no reason someone with a healthy heart and good fitness routine shouldn't give it a go. One practical user simply commented, "Restaurants ain't gonna waste that much butter mate." But as one amused viewer remarked, "Lol it's a joke y'all chill." But clearly, Louise had the last laugh.