19 Hostess Snacks, Ranked Worst To Best

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Hostess snacks were a part of many of our childhoods. The first Hostess CupCake was sold in 1919, according to the Daily Union. Every kid since then has grown up craving their treats. Nothing was more exciting than realizing your mom has purchased one of their products at the grocery store. Hostess snacks are known for being sugary, soft, and downright delicious.

These snacks are also something we never outgrew as college students or adults. Many long study sessions or stressful workdays have been saved by a trip to the vending machine for a Zinger or sleeve of Donettes. And this brand is more than the beloved Twinkie, too.

That being said, not all Hostess snacks are created equal. Some products have been huge hits while others miss the mark. So, we've rounded up every currently available Hostess snack and ranked them from worst to best. The next time you're at the grocery store or vending machine, you'll know the best one to choose.

19. Fruit Pies

There is nothing more comforting than a freshly baked pie. Unfortunately, Hostess's highly manufactured fruit pies are nothing like what your grandma made. They come in rectangular log shapes that are convenient, sure, but that's where our praise ends. The filling is a goopy mess that is somehow too sugary and flavorless at the same time. If the crust has any crispiness when it was first baked, it's lost by the time you open the wrapper.

We're not the only ones disappointed in this product. "For almost 500 calories, I expect something to actually be worth the indulgence. It has no real flavor, just [a] weird artificial slab of sugar," one reviewer wrote. "There's way too much crust, it's oddly dry and the filling is mushy and overly sweet," another complained. We will gladly take any other Hostess snack over this one, no matter what the filling is.

18. Muff'n Stix

In an apparent effort to capitalize on the success of their mini muffins, Hostess released Muff'n Stix in June 2021 (via Brand Eating). Per Hostess, these are "the perfect muffin for on the go" because of their rectangular shape. We're not really sure why a rectangle is easier to carry around than a regular muffin, but that's not the real issue here.

You would think these muffins would taste the same as Hostess's other muffin products, but they somehow have less flavor than their sister snacks and don't bring anything new to the table. The blueberry variety has an overly sweet profile and the chocolate chip flavor has an artificial aftertaste. Both have a chemical taste that doesn't leave us wanting another bite. They're also sticky on the outside and disappointingly dry on the inside. We'll stick with Hostess's other muffin products when we have a craving.

17. Baby Bundts

Bundt cakes are cakes that have been baked in a special bundt pan, which gives them a distinctive donut shape. This snack is Hostess's take on the classic cake with a cute twist. What is it about miniature-sized things that are so adorable?

The Baby Bundts come in two flavors: Lemon Drizzle and Cinnamon Swirl, both with a surprising amount of flavor. The lemon cake is bright and slightly tart, and perfectly complemented by the sweet glaze drizzled on top. The cinnamon bundt cake packs less of a punch but still has plenty of the delicious flavor that you expect out of a cinnamon roll or cinnamon bun.

Yet these snacks are a little gummy on the outside and denser than what you would hope to get from a cake product. They're not our top pick, but we'd be okay to enjoy one with a cup of coffee any day.

16. Danish

The Hostess Danish comes in six different varieties: cherry cheese, cream cheese round, berries and cream cheese, blueberry cheese, apple cinnamon, and cream cheese. Now, a good Danish, with tangy cream cheese and fruit filling, is a fantastic addition to any breakfast.

These Danishes are fine but we wish there was more filling and less bread. All the pastries are surprisingly dry as well. The Danish only tastes good when you get a bite of pastry, filling, and icing together, which gives the whole thing enough flavor and texture to be enjoyable. Unfortunately, that means the sides and corners often leave us disappointed.

We should also note that these Danishes are pretty darn messy, too. Be prepared for sticky fingers if you want to eat these with your hands. That's not always a bad thing, but we don't believe that the flavor really makes up for the mess here.

15. Mega Muffin

Hostess redeems a few of its muffin points with its mega muffins. This snack comes in three flavors: banana, blueberry, and double chocolate. The best part of these muffins is their smell right when you open the package. The banana muffin has a sweet banana scent, as does the blueberry muffin, and the chocolate muffin smells like you're touring Willy Wonka's factory.

As for the flavor, these muffins are a little overwhelming. The blueberry and banana muffins both have a strong artificial flavor that some will find off-putting. The chocolate muffins are incredibly dense and packed with chocolate chips to such a point that even chocolate lovers may find them hard to swallow. Simply put, they're a lot.

To give these muffins credit, they are quite moist and certainly substantial. They'd make a great snack if you're looking for something to hold you over for a few hours. But we'd be satisfied after just a couple of bites.

14. Crispy Minis

One of the newest additions to the Hostess lineup are Crispy Minis, essentially bite-sized wafer cookies with sweet filling and a crunchy topping. They come in two flavors: strawberries and creme, as well as cookies and creme. The strawberry variety has a more prominent fruity taste while the cookies and creme snack has only a vague sweet flavor. Each wafer cookie packs enough crunch to keep you satisfied, although we don't really care for the crispy bits on top. We can't deny their dangerously addictive quality either.

While these treats are tasty, they just aren't as unique as many Hostess treats we love. Really, we could cut a layered wafer cookie into thirds and have about the same product. We have to give credit to Hostess for the portability (and snack-ability) of these, but we'd rather choose a fun baked good when we head to the grocery store.

13. Sno Balls

Sno Balls are an iconic Hostess treat, with a cream-filled chocolate cake coated with marshmallow and coconut. You'll see the iconic pink color year-round with limited-edition varieties popping up every so often, too.

If you like coconut, Sno Balls are a wonderfully weird treat. The squishy marshmallow coating mixed with dried coconut flakes and soft chocolate cake creates an interesting mix of flavors and textures in your mouth. "I LOVE how sweet the coconut is and it blends so well with the chocolate and cream," one Influenster reviewer wrote. "Marshmallow + chocolate cake + coconut? It is a recipe for one tasty treat! I love coconut and chocolate as a flavor combination, but the marshmallow adds some fun texture," another gushed.

But if you don't like coconut, you're definitely not going to like these. Because it can be a pretty polarizing flavor, we were forced to dock a few points for this treat.

12. Brownies

Hostess currently has one brownie flavor: Triple Chocolate. It's so named because of the brownie itself and the addition of chocolate chips and chocolate icing. If you're a chocolate fan, this snack will hit the spot. These brownies are super chocolatey and decadent, which makes sense considering how much chocolate is packed into a single cube.

That said, this isn't anything close to a fresh-from-the-oven gooey brownie that melts in your mouth. Many mass-produced brownies tend to be dry, and Hostess is no exception here. "Overall, these are a nice, inexpensive hit of chocolate, if that is what you are after. Not the best, but certainly not terrible," says Sugar Pressure. We do have to give these brownies credit for being conveniently packed and not too messy to eat. They're a great snack to bring with you to work or class, but don't expect homemade brownie flavor or texture.

11. HoHos

HoHos are sometimes accused of being an exact copy of another snack brand's take on the classic Swiss roll. Even if the idea isn't entirely original, what really matters is the taste. Here, it's thoroughly mediocre. For a snack made with crème filling and chocolate coating, these small rolled cakes are surprisingly dry. Each bite leaves us wishing there was just a little more filling.

They're also overly sweet with very little chocolate flavor. The chocolate coating has an odd waxy texture that we aren't too fond of, either. "Waxy and no standout flavor. Just a real waste of your taste buds," one reviewer complained.

We do like that these are easier to eat than many other snack cakes, albeit still a little messy due to the chocolate coating. We don't know if these are a total waste of your time, but we'd rather enjoy a different Hostess snack.

10. Pecan Spins

These super sticky snacks are essentially cinnamon rolls with a pecan topping that look and smell amazing. They're pretty messy, too, so be sure to have some napkins on hand when you dig in. As for their flavor, Pecan Spins are certainly yummy for cinnamon and pecan fans. The glazed topping is super sweet and the pecans bring a nice nutty flavor to the table. However, the pecans are soft and don't really add any texture to the snack.

The dough here is pretty dry as well and there isn't enough glaze to make up for the issue. We're not unhappy eating these, but we find the experience most enjoyable accompanied by a cup of coffee or glass of milk. We think more cinnamon flavor in the dough would be fantastic. Overall, we like this treat a lot but we can't put it any higher on the list.

9. Zingers

Zingers are one of the more unique Hostess snacks out there. These rectangular cakes have a crème filling and are topped with a textured icing layer. The vanilla cake variety has a vanilla crème center with vanilla icing, while the chocolate cake has a vanilla crème center with chocolate icing. The raspberry Zinger is the most interesting, with vanilla cake, vanilla crème, and a raspberry and coconut coating.

Vanilla Zingers aren't much different than Twinkies, but they taste far better. "They are a moist cake with icing on top and crème filled. I mean it is really hard to just eat one of these snacks. This is a family favorite of ours and we have to hide them from the kids," said one reviewer. We're partial to the raspberry flavor, as it's a unique cake that's tasty every time. The other varieties may strike you as bland and uninteresting.

8. Twinkies

Sorry, but Twinkies aren't all that good. They earn a relatively high spot on the list because of nostalgia, but don't get too excited. The sponge cake is weirdly moist and the cream filling tastes more like oil, leaving a strange film on the roof of our mouths.

"I had a Twinkie for the first time after hearing about how popular it was," one person wrote on Reddit. "But when I tasted it, it's just really oily, greasy yellow, artificially tasting cake-like pastry with a cream filling. It is not appetizing at all and this is supposed to be a snack that you are supposed enjoy."

Overall, Twinkies have little flavor and a lot of weirdness. Sure, we'll eat one every year or so, but we almost always regret it. Some limited-edition flavors aren't awful, so we'll give them a few points for those versions. Hostess will always be remembered for the Twinkie, but that isn't necessarily a good thing.

7. Jumbo Honey Bun

This sticky treat is a bit messy, but it's worth the cleanup. What really shines here is the Jumbo Honey Bun's simplicity. It's a simple spiral dough covered in a honey glaze. No crazy flavors, no oily filling, and no weird textures. You can also get an iced version, which has one more ingredient but is still a simple treat.

Unlike some Hostess snacks, the Jumbo Honey Bun is soft and moist. The honey glaze adds a nice stickiness that keeps it tasting fresh and perfectly sweet, even though it's pre-packaged. "Thee HOST of honey buns! Anybody that knows me knows I have a sweet tooth. And they know exactly what I'm eating to cure it!" gushed one Influenster reviewer.

You can warm this treat in the microwave for a few seconds to elevate your experience, but it's great at any temperature. It also goes perfectly with a warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

6. Cinnamon Roll

Hostess did an excellent job with their take on the cinnamon roll. Unlike many of their treats, the dough is super moist and flavorful. The rich cinnamon-sugar filling is rolled into every layer and the icing on top adds an extra dose of sweetness. When warmed up in the microwave for a few seconds, these are ideal for breakfast.

"They have a great amount of cinnamon on the inside of each side," said one reviewer. "You can microwave them to get the fresh hot flavor but I can't wait that long. Once I open it, it's usually gone within a minute."

These snacks are pretty sticky on their own and become very messy when heated up. Because of that, they don't make the best sort of treat when you're on the go. That said, feel free to enjoy them at home with a fork or perhaps a moist towelette nearby.

5. Donettes

Hostess's Donettes are even more classic than their Mini Muffins. They come in six different flavors, not counting limited-edition options. Those core flavors are strawberry cheesecake, powdered, double chocolate, glazed, crunch, frosted, caramel crunch, and caramel frosted. Our favorite flavors are powdered and frosted, but you can't go wrong with any option, assuming you have a big sweet tooth.

This treat has amassed a huge fan base. "Absolute favorite brand for mini donuts," one reviewer wrote on Influenster. "What's not to love?! They just melt in your mouth! Who needs to go to a donut shop when you can grab a little package, or bag of these!" another raved.

We also love how accessible these donuts are. It's rare to visit a grocery store or vending machine without seeing at least one flavor of Donettes available. Overall, we're big fans of Donettes and always looking forward to their seasonal flavors.

4. Mini Muffins

It's impossible to walk through a college campus without seeing a few students munching on Hostess mini muffins, which come in blueberry and chocolate chip flavors.

There's a certain amount of nostalgia associated with these muffins that undeniably adds to their flavor. They're a little dry and have an artificial flavor, sure, but that doesn't take away from how tasty these are. We find ourselves craving these often and we're not alone. "Blueberry muffins are the bomb! They are so soft and full of flavor," wrote one reviewer. "My kids eat this almost every day before school. They are always super moist and delicious," another claimed.

Whether you grab the blueberry or chocolate chip flavor, these muffins are one of the best portable snacks around. Of course, that's assuming you're fine with the occasional artificial flavor notes contained within the package and perhaps also carrying a beverage like coffee to account for the slight dryness.

3. Coffee Cakes

Coffee Cakes are one of Hostess's staple products and, for many, they hit the nail on the head. The cakes come in two flavors: cinnamon streusel and cream cheese. In both cases, the cake is soft without being dry. The cinnamon streusel cake has a cinnamon swirl inside that adds another punch of flavor while the cream cheese employs a moist vanilla cake. Both have a sugar streusel topping.

The cream cheese cake has a strong cream cheese flavor, which is great, assuming you love the tang. The cinnamon streusel cake should be universally loved by everyone, however — it's sweet, soft, and has the perfect balance of cinnamon-sugar flavor. "One of my absolute favorite snacks and desserts! They are always welcome as a pick me up after a long day," one reviewer wrote. Pair either one with a cup of coffee and you'll be in snack heaven.

2. Ding Dongs

Ding Dongs are shaped like hockey pucks and have been a Hostess staple for many years. Today they come in chocolate, white fudge, and caramel. The chocolate and white fudge cake both have a vanilla crème center. The chocolate features a chocolate cake and coating, while the white fudge has a vanilla cake and white fudge coating. The caramel variety has a creamy caramel filling, yellow cake, and chocolate coating.

It's hard not to love at least one of the flavors. "These Hostess snacks pair perfectly with milk or a cold drink. I used to love eating these and still do because they have the perfect filling to pastry ratio," one Influenster reviewer wrote. We agree. Ding Dongs are exactly what we're looking for in a snack cake. They just barely lose the number one spot on our list, but they'll always have a special place in our hearts.

1. Cup Cakes

When you see the squiggly line on top of Hostess CupCakes, you know it's going to be good. These are top-tier snacks, with creamy marshmallow filling perfectly balancing out the chocolate cake and fudge topping. They're similar to Ding Dongs but, with less fudge coating, we think they taste better.

Hostess CupCakes come in more flavors, including golden, orange, and iced lemon, but our hearts lie with the chocolate cake. One reviewer agrees with us, writing, "I enjoy the taste of the cake most... The chocolate flavor has a hint of creamy butter undertones. The inner frosting was good too... It has a slightly more fluffy texture than normal cake frosting. It is very sweet too. Although the frosting is very sweet it balances very well with the buttery chocolate cake."

Nothing satisfies a chocolate cake craving quite like Hostess's CupCakes, which is the best snack the brand has to offer.