Breakfast Casseroles That Are Incredibly Simple To Make

Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and thankfully it's also one of the most delicious. There are so many options to choose from, be it sweet, savory, fruity, spicy, meaty or carb-filled. Think about it, do you ever dream of warm cinnamon rolls, a perfectly crisped plate of hash browns and fluffy eggs, or a stack of pancakes and bacon?

Unless I go to the local deli, or prep and freeze a big frittata over the weekend, I rarely have time for a hot breakfast. But, with these incredibly simple casseroles, you can enjoy the wonders of breakfast any day of the week. And, you don't have to limit yourself to only making these in the morning. Breakfast for dinner is pretty amazing, too.


If it wasn\'t for the popularity of 24-hour cooking shows, I may not have ever heard about chilaquiles and the thought of that makes me sad. If you\'re hearing about them for the first time, oh my stars are you in for a treat! Sometimes it\'s hard to accept that something so simple could be so incredibly delicious, but believe it.

Chilaquiles is a common Mexican staple consisting of layered fried tortillas, salsa, mix-ins and toppings. That\'s where your creativity comes into play. Feel free to add eggs or bacon for some added protein and heft to the dish. Treat the toppings as if you were dressing up any other Mexican specialty with sliced jalapeños, avocado, radish or pickled red onions. The best part of the recipe from Sumptuous Spoonfuls is that there is no measuring, just layer until the pan is full and bake. Your taste buds will definitely be awake afterwards.

Ham and cheese croissant breakfast casserole

Ooh la la, is this a casserole for you. Any casserole that starts with croissants sounds like an ultra-fancy idea meant to be reserved for company. That\'s nonsense, because at the end of the day, all it really is is ham, cheese and bread. Three basic ingredients that are the foundation of any comfort meal, at least in my kitchen. True to name, this casserole from Yellow Bliss Road is blissful, especially when it bakes up and gets those craveable, crispy edges. C\'est magnifique.

Overnight apple cinnamon baked oatmeal

The easiest types of breakfasts are the ones you can start the night before. I\'m loving the breakfast trend of overnight oats and baked oats. Ann from Fountain Avenue Kitchen has the same love of oatmeal as I do, and loves to experiment with all different variations. She even won a contest with her recipe for overnight crunchy top apple cinnamon baked oatmeal, and rightfully so. It\'s a mouthful to say, but an even sweeter mouthful to eat. This oatmeal keeps overnight in the fridge, and after a quick 30 minutes in the oven comes out moist but firm enough to cut. Don\'t be fooled by what you\'ve heard, I\'m here to tell you that apples, cinnamon, and oatmeal are the real Three Musketeers.

Cheesy sausage and egg breakfast sliders

If a recipe isn\'t a casserole but made in a casserole dish is it still a casserole? When it comes to these breakfast sliders, I certainly hope so. This recipe makes an entire pan full of sliders filled with cheese, egg, and sausage. There\'s enough for a crowd of early risers and they\'re also easy to transport to a tailgate or potluck. I guarantee you\'ll never be caught going through a drive-thru again.

Biscuits and gravy overnight breakfast casserole

You may be asking yourself, biscuits and gravy in a casserole? Absolutely! This recipe from Julie\'s East & Treats has layers of savory flavor and stick to your ribs goodness to start the day right. Add a little cup of fresh fruit to go alongside and you\'ll have all the fuel you\'ll need to go on a long hike, or you know, take a long nap. There are a few steps, but it comes together quickly. And by prepping the night before, you\'ll be the king or queen of the kitchen after you serve up this make-ahead pan of love. Southerners and southern food-enthusiasts rejoice!

Overnight cinnamon roll French toast bake

I said it before and it\'s worth mentioning again. Warm cinnamon rolls, hot from the oven, are a feast for all your senses and they really do warm your soul. But cinnamon roll French toast? That\'s a casserole powerhouse that combines the best of two breakfast staples. The secret to peak casserole nirvana is starting with frozen cinnamon roll dough that you cut up and soak in a French toast batter. Let the ingredients combine overnight and after a quick trip to the oven, you\'ll be deep in breakfast bliss. The best part is that you won\'t have to call anyone to the breakfast table — their nose will know it\'s time.

Overnight eggs Benedict casserole

Just like my mom, I love to order eggs Benedict whenever I go out for breakfast or brunch. But, I\'ve actually never thought to make them at home. You may be thinking it\'s because of the Hollandaise sauce, but you\'d be wrong. That\'s nothing compared to the hell it is trying to make a decent poached egg. Nothing scares me in a kitchen, but poached eggs are something I leave to the professionals. So you can imagine how excited I was to find an overnight eggs Benedict casserole from The Recipe Critic. Whip it up the night before and throw together the sauce while the casserole is baking. In no time at all, you\'ll be sitting down to a delicious restaurant-worthy dish in less time then you\'d have to wait for a table.

Wake-up casserole

Sometimes the longest part of making breakfast is waiting for the potatoes to cook. With this wake-up casserole, you don\'t have to spend any extra time prepping the ingredients. It starts with frozen hash brown patties as a base. Then toss in some eggs, cheese and ham (or another meat of your choice), wrap it all up and bake until golden brown and delicious. It\'s so good, it\'ll wake up even the biggest sleepy-head.

Blueberry pancake casserole

You can be whatever you want to be and if french toast can be a casserole, then so can pancakes. Go ahead and put down that spatula, get away from the griddle. With the blueberry pancake casserole from The Kitchn, you no longer need to be slaving away flippin\' flapjacks. Imagine all the fluffy goodness of blueberry pancakes, but made in one pan and with a streusel topping, too! Syrup is optional, but the smiles are guaranteed.

Crockpot overnight breakfast casserole

I couldn\'t get through a post about simple breakfast casseroles and neglect the one appliance that makes everything simple could I? I honestly never think about using the slow-cooker for breakfast, but after seeing this breakfast casserole from The Gracious Wife, I\'m rethinking just how handy my slow-cooker can be. This is another recipe where frozen shredded potatoes are a huge time saver and provide the perfect base for this overnight delight. The only prep is fully cooking bacon or sausage beforehand, but once that\'s done and the veggies are chopped, it actually makes itself. It really is the breakfast of your dreams.