What Vegans Need To Know About Hershey's Syrup

There are few better ways to step up the decadence of a dessert than by adding a drizzle of rich Hershey's syrup. No matter whether you're enjoying a classic ice cream sundae or creating your own unique pastry experience, adding a dab of Hershey's syrup over the top just gives any sweet treat an extra special touch. With a wide variety of flavors, including strawberry, caramel, and a varying selection of different chocolates, such as classic and extra dark, fans are sure to find the perfect flavor to complement just about any dessert, ice cream, or milkshake.

It sure seems like Hershey's has something for just about everyone to enjoy. Yet, if there is one group of people that are very particular about their diets, it is vegans. People who adhere to a strict vegan diet avoid all food that is made from animal products, including eggs, dairy, and even honey. This can be a difficult task, especially when animal-sourced ingredients are hidden inside items one wouldn't expect, so understandably, vegans have to be very mindful about the food they eat.

Hershey's caramel syrup is not vegan

Luckily, there is good news for vegan syrup fans. Hershey's chocolate syrup is completely vegan-friendly, as it contains no milk or other animal products of any kind, according to Can Vegans Eat. Similarly, the strawberry concoction is also fine for vegans to consume, since it gets its sweet, fruity flavor not from dairy, but from corn syrup. However, not all Hershey's syrups are created equal.

Unlike the strawberry and chocolate, Hershey's caramel syrup is not vegan friendly. The brand's caramel sauce gets some of its flavor and texture from sugar condensed skim milk, which is, of course, a dairy product, according to Can Vegans Eat. Skim milk comes from cows, and therefore is not a part of a vegan diet. 

However, for those vegans who are committed to their diets and still wish they could enjoy the rich, crave-worthy experience of a caramel drizzle, never fear. There are plenty of vegan-friendly alternatives to Hershey's caramel syrup out there. Veg News published their "Ultimate Guide" for vegan caramel sauces. They ranked Totally Vegan Caramel Sauce by Hot Cakes and Caramel Sauce by Date Lady as the top choices for two satisfyingly sweet, versatile sauces that are perfect for everything from drizzling over ice cream to eating straight out of the jar. So fans of the sweet stuff are sure to be satisfied with this selection of caramel sauces, whether they are vegan or not.