The Deli Sandwich Andrew Zimmern Swears By

Katz's Delicatessen is one of the most famous restaurants in America and a New York staple, immortalized by the infamous "I'll have what she's having," line in the film "When Harry Met Sally." First established in 1888, Insider reported that the traditional Jewish deli is best known for its pastrami on rye sandwich, and its ginormous portions are almost as legendary as the restaurant. As one customer told Insider in a video interview, "There's nothing more New York than a pastrami on rye, and no one does it better than Katz's."

But it's not just Hollywood that adores Katz's Deli — Andrew Zimmern recently went on Instagram to proclaim his love for the restaurant, particularly his favorite of their sandwiches. "My sandwich at the world famous Katz's Deli @katzsdeli. They start making it when I walk in the door, half and half, fatty brisket and pastrami. Beefy dreamy stuff ... missing it today," he wrote.

Zimmern is not the only celebrity fan of Katz's Deli. The late Anthony Bourdain stated in an interview, "I mean ... this is an institution in the best sense of the word. You think New York, you think pastrami, you think Katz's." As The Guardian wrote, it's survived where a lot of New York restaurant institutions have not, because A) New Yorkers actually go there to eat, and B) "because it's damn good pastrami. Period."

Zimmern's two meat Combo Sandwich

Zimmern's brisket and pastrami sandwich is actually a custom order at Katz's Deli. On the menu, it's what referred to as a two meat "Combo Sandwich." Customers select two meat options, which include the famous pastrami, corned beef, brisket and turkey, and either classic deli rye or what's referred to as club bread, which appears to be a sort of crusty white baguette (via Facebook). Then diners choose from a wide variety of toppings and sauces. It's "A mountain of a sandwich!"

Fans on Instagram gushed along with Zimmern, with one noting they order that same Combo Sandwich "with extra mustard and sour pickles," both of which are made in-house at Katz's. Another shared that they always order it with New York's favorite Dr. Brown's cream soda.

Katz's also featured the same Combo Sandwich on its own Instagram to commemorate the lifting of some lockdown restrictions. It wrote, "We celebrate increasing to 50% dining in capacity with a gigantic combination sandwich that is 50% pastrami, 50% brisket and 100% delicious!"