What You Should Know About Deep-Fried Twinkies

You cannot really talk about snack cakes without mentioning one of the most popular names in this category, Twinkies. Per Today, the dessert has a history that can be traced back to 1930. Twinkies were the brainchild of a man named Jimmy Dewer, who was a bakery manager from River Forest, Illinois. He probably did not know it then, but the snack cakes were destined to become a best-selling treat.

They have survived through the years and still have a loyal fan following. Over 1,000 Twinkies are made every minute, and customers can look forward to some seasonal favorites every year as well. Everyone agrees that deep-fried Twinkies are the most snack sinful of them all. Per CNN, the parent company Hostess introduced a few tweaks to Twinkies over the years, including adding a deep-fried version for fans who wanted something extra. Walmart started selling the deep-fried variety in 2016.

The backstory is interesting

According to The New York Times, deep-fried Twinkies were created by Christopher Sells in the early 2000s. As a restaurateur, Sells experimented with his offerings and decided to deep-fry several items, including chocolate bars and Twinkies, at his eatery, the Chip Shop. He was especially a fan of the popular treat. "We go all out with the Twinkie and put some four-berry coulis on the plate. It makes it into a fancy-schmancy dessert," he once described.

This dessert version of the Twinkies was highly praised, and The New York Times went on to add that the pastry is heavenly when it touches hot oil. "The creamy white vegetable shortening filling liquefies, impregnating the sponge cake with its luscious vanilla flavor," the newspaper's description read. What you get is a warm and soft, luscious cake that offers the perfect flavor and contrasts nicely with the deep-fried crust.