The Secret Dog Treat You Never Knew Culver's Offered

There is certainly a lot to love about Culver's, the Wisconsin-based burger joint known for its "ButterBurgers" (the "butter" refers to a flourish of butter on the bun when served), French fries, and other fast food staples including chicken, fish, and salads. But two things define the smallish chain (by comparison to other popular fast food chains, as shared by QSR Magazine). One is that Culver's serves up the popular "Dairyland delicacy" known as Wisconsin Cheese Curds, which are sourced directly from a dairy located right in the heart of America's Dairyland. The other is that Culver's goes out of its way to show its love to its customers' furry best friends. We're talking about dogs, by the way, as if you couldn't guess!

Virtually every (if not every) Culver's location has a designated dog-friendly outdoor seating area. In addition, Culver's will provide fresh water for your pooch upon request. But that's not all. Culver's actually has this special dog treat that's available to its canine-accompanied customers if they only ask. In fact, when we ranked Culver's menu items, worst to best, we did not include this particular item specifically, but not because it isn't deserving of superlatives. Rather, because its primary target demographic isn't human, but rather canine.

Even Culver's cant resist those puppy dog eyes

"According to our guests on social media, we've noticed that dogs also really love Culver's," writes Culver's on its page devoted to the "cutest dogs" sharing "their love for Culver's." And what is not to love about a fast food restaurant that goes out of its way to make customers feel comfortable by making their canines feel welcome? Most Culver's offer a dog-friendly outdoor seating area, as well as fresh water for pups, according to a commenters on Bring Fido. However, Culver's also goes the extra mile by offering dog biscuits at a number of its drive-thru locations. All you have to do is ask, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). But that's not even the main draw here. 

If you're lucky and in the right Culver's location (we suspect you'll have to rely on word of mouth for guidance here), your dog may even get that biscuit served atop a scoop of Culver's vanilla custard! Just please be aware that some dogs may be sensitive to milk-based products (via AKC). So, if this is the first time you're letting Doggo try ice cream slash custard, you might want to keep their consumption down to a minimum and see how they tolerate it. 

Culver's is not the only American fast food chain that likes to make its customers comfy by making those customers' canines feel welcome. All these other American fast food chains are also down for feeding Doggo.