The Go-To Meals Katie Lee Makes When In A Hurry

Celebrity chef Katie Lee has plenty of cooking tricks up her sleeve. Her goal is to make cooking as straightforward as possible (via Shape.) She once said, "Our lives are so complex. Cooking shouldn't be another thing to worry about." A relatable thought, huh?

Lee always ensures there are plenty of items available in her pantry so she has loads of options to choose from when she's in the kitchen. One of her go-to meals is a simple pasta, a dish that's easy to make and isn't time consuming in the least. Her top two recommendations? Lemon pasta and spinach-artichoke pasta. She has another tip: Whenever you are trying to perfect a dish, don't ignore the basics and pay attention to the flavors. Lee explained, "I'd say that's the No. 1 thing: Season your food, and taste it as you go. Dishes need more salt than you think they do."

Katie's Lee tips are totally accessible

A busy schedule shouldn't stop you from enjoying wholesome home-cooked meals. According to Shape, Katie Lee juggles her many responsibilities by relying on a few quintessential items in her kitchen for quick meals. Apart from pasta, the chef loves canned beans. She said that she uses beans on salads for extra protein. Another yummy meal idea from Lee? Greens and chopped vegetables with beans. "Beans, pasta, and greens are your go-tos. With those things on hand, you can always make a quick dinner," Lee explained.

Lee also makes it a point to spruce up her dishes by adding ingredients like Thai red curry paste, canned tomatoes, and miso paste. Lee said, "I'll make a red curry with the paste and some coconut milk and marinate lamb chops in it." She's also a huge fan of carrot soup with canned chipotles. Quick and delicious!