Andrew Zimmern Loves This Drink So Much He Orders It By The Case

While most people know that La Croix was once its own sect of sparkling water cult, the obsession has spread to include sparkling water drinkers more widely. No matter if you love a specific brand or if you religiously use a Soda Stream at home, it seems those who drink sparkling water really drink a lot of it. And, according to a post recently shared by celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern, he's topping everyone in terms of his consumption of his favorite drink.

In a post shared both on Instagram and Twitter, Zimmern was seen sitting on top of a mountain of sparkling water cases. In the caption, he wrote, "So many of you are curious about what I eat/drink off camera. I am indeed a man of huge appetites and varied tastes. Does this quench your curiosity?" He also included the hashtags, #NotSponsoredJustStuffILove and #OfficeBeverage. Given the sheer number of cases of Spindrift, it is amazing that it is not a sponsored post. He even got more than 18,000 likes.

These are the flavors Andrew Zimmern orders

While it isn't exactly clear just how many cases are in the photo, there have to be at least 43 cases visible. And, as for the flavors Zimmern orders, he has Pineapple, Cranberry Raspberry, Lemon, Half & Half, and Cucumber sitting in front of him in the picture (via Spindrift). There are also cases of Lime, Blackberry, and Raspberry Lime beneath him. Clearly, Zimmern loves almost all of the flavors of sparkling water that Spindrift offers.

Of course, fans wrote back with their thoughts. One person on Instagram wrote, "It's really the best of all the brands." Someone else wrote, "Just got the Pineapple from Target tonight. Oh my goodness!!!! This stuff is awesome. Thanks for the tip!!!" Others weighed in on which flavors they liked the best, such as Blackberry, Grapefruit, and Orange Mango. Naturally, one La Croix fan simply commented, "La Croix!!!" But other fans simply wanted to know where Zimmern ordered the cases from. Maybe more people will start having cases of sparkling water show up at their door.