The Internet Is Cracking Up Over This Hooters Rainbow Tweet

Rainbows have captured the imagination for hundreds of years. In Norse mythology, a rainbow bridge leads straight to Asgard, while ancient Greeks believed they were the personification of the figure Iris, per BBC. The image of rainbows has even brought on a spirit of hope across many countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may imagine a pot of gold appearing at the end of your ideal rainbow, but denizens across the net recently saw what truly laid in store at the end of one particular rainbow.

Over on Twitter, a user @simonan posted a picture of a rainbow crossing the Ohio river and landing on top of an orange-roofed building with the caption: "The end of the rainbow is ... the Ohio river Hooters." Hooters' Twitter account immediately responded, tweeting back, "Is that not what the legend has always said?" The chain responded to the picture in a separate post featuring the same image and the caption: "I've always said Hooters is a magical place," (via Twitter).

The Hooters at the end of the rainbow

The original tweet has since received a ton of love and raked in over 40,000 likes and comments that range from: "I once tried to go to this hooters and it was closed because half of it was under water," all the way to "From another perspective, the beginning of the rainbow." One user summed up the entire thread's sentiment in a single sentence — "I'll take that over some leprechaun's stupid pot of gold any day!" (via Twitter).

Fans loved the restaurant's reaction to the post, showering the post with 90 likes and a ton of replies, per Twitter. Comments on the Hooters' post included gems like: "So is there a pot of gold there for me, or a pot of chicken wings?" and "Hey that's close to me." Hooters responded in kind, simply stating "chicken > gold."

When you imagine your ideal treasure at the end of a rainbow, a Hooters probably doesn't spring to mind. Luckily, the chain's hilarious Twitter account can get anyone excited to trade in some gold for chicken wings and enjoy all the meals the restaurant can offer.