These Super Detailed Macarons Are Taking Instagram By Storm

Let's face it: All macarons are pretty darn cute. These adorable cookies are basically sweet little sandwiches made of two yummy almond-flour-based cookies hugging a creamy ganache or jam filling (via ChefSteps). One Instagrammer, though, has upped the ante on the simple pastel versions of these photogenic treats, gaining quite the fan following for her artistic take on macarons. Before we tell you who it is, you should probably prepare yourself for extreme cuteness overload!

Instagrammer MacaNomNom has amassed over 52,000 followers on the platform with her creative pastries. From the impressive details to the wide range of inspiration, Salinda — the artist behind MacaNomNom — has built a feed that makes for a satisfying scroll. Her fans eat up all her content, from her avocado cookies ("Omg they're so cute I wanna avo-cuddle them") to bunny-mermaid hybrids ("Merbunnies are gorgeous. I wouldn't be able to eat them.") Her creations often have a cute-but-irreverent quality, and if you've ever thought Hello Kitty needs a little more sass, you are going to stan her page.

A lot of personality goes into MacaNomNom macarons

Part of the allure behind MacaNomNom's page is Salinda's larger-than-life persona. As she explains on her website, "I'm a 28-year-old, purple-haired, foul-mouthed, sarcastic, nice, kawaii yet metal human being" (via MacaNomNom). Couple that charisma with some of the coolest macarons you've ever seen, and you've got a winning recipe. As one of her followers put it, "I follow you for the F BOMBS! And the cute cookies!" (via Instagram).

If you're interested in getting your hands on some of these stunning, hand-decorated macarons, it looks like you have to act fast. From her Instagram profile, we know that Salinda won't do custom orders, and on her website,, she explains that she doesn't like to make the same cookies twice. In which case, you may be out of luck if you were hoping for some Baby Yoda-dressed-like Santa Claus cookies this year (via Instagram.) Also, there's currently no set schedule for when the batches will drop. This basically means you'll just have to follow along like everyone else to see what unreal treats MacaNomNoms comes out with next!