Did Aaron Sanchez Really Offer MasterChef Contestant Gabriel Lewis A Job?

"MasterChef" is a TV show that is so popular that it has inspired several editions around the world. According to The Things, the show attempts to find the most skilled home chef by putting its participants through tricky cooking challenges. The person who manages to survive the show gets the coveted "MasterChef" title and prize money. 

It's a rollercoaster ride for many talented cooks such as Gabriel Lewis, a cook from Oklahoma who was a part of the show's eight edition in 2017. Despite being very promising, the chef unfortunately didn't make it to the end of the show and was eliminated (via The Oklahoman).  He had a feeling he wouldn't survive and said, "I was really upset with myself because I knew the ingredient had gotten the best of me." 

Luckily, the judges were very supportive. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay told Lewis that he won't be a "fast food server" and that he had displayed a remarkable amount of talent on the show. He even said that he'll ensure that Lewis studies at a culinary school and gets tuition assistance. Fellow judge Aarón Sánchez had a generous offer for the talented Lewis, as well.

The MasterChef judges were kind to Gabriel Lewis

According to Lewis' official website, Ramsay stayed true to his word and supported the chef through culinary school (via Chef Gabe Online). He now has a culinary arts degree and has gained industry experience. In fact, he received the "Okie Award Best Chef" from So6ix Magazine in 2019 for his work. 

Back when he was leaving "MasterChef," Sánchez offered Lewis a position at his eatery (via The Oklahoman.) He said, "After that [his formal education], I want you to leave Oklahoma and come to New Orleans. I'm prepared to offer you a restaurant in one of my restaurants." 

As per Lewis' website, he hasn't been able to take Sánchez up on his offer yet but is planning to join him soon. The pandemic delayed his plans but he made the most of his time, preparing food for friends and family. He also started coming up with "private dining experiences" once it was safe to do so and is now gearing up for a book and video project among other plans. Seems like Lewis has his hands full!