Dionne Warwick Just Blocked Hellmann's On Twitter For This Bizarre Suggestion

Food Twitter can be annoying. Amorphous corporations acting all chummy in a tweet really grates sometimes. So, we can all indulge in some secondhand joy when Dionne Warwick blocked Hellmann's, the big mayo makers.

"It took me 40 minutes to remember how to do this," Warwick tweeted on October 7 as she shared a screenshot confirming that she blocked the company. A few minutes later, she followed up with another tweet explaining, "They want us to put mayonnaise in our coffee. I won't tolerate it." The Hellmann's tweet Warwick objected to stated, "Mayo in your coffee. That's it, that's the tweet."

Warwick's decision has been met with widespread approval. As of writing, her explanation has received 51,400 likes and has been retweeted just shy of 7,500 times. "The Warwick line has been crossed," Diedrich Bader noted. A few less judgmental remarks brought up how butter has been mixed with a hot morning brew for centuries. In 2013, The Kitchn tried putting some butter in coffee and found it strange, but understandable. However, no one felt the need to defend Hellmann's marketing suggestion of incorporating the product into your morning beverage. 

Hellmann's is making a very specific reference

Considering that a major purpose of a company's social media presence seems to be acting "relatable," you have to wonder what Hellmann's thinks they're doing. Not only did they offer the original tweet, its social media team followed it up multiple times, culminating in the argument that the benefits you gain from this include having coffee in your mayonnaise and your mayonnaise in your coffee. So what's going on?

Well, all of this is actually responding to a viral TikTok recorded by the University of Kentucky's quarterback Will Levis. In the video, Levis is in a diner across from a woman who offers him cream for his coffee. He refuses, and she asks if he likes it black. "Not quite," he responds and squirts a good amount of mayonnaise into the cup. 

This is the second time, in fact, that Levis has made ripples with his strange culinary choices. In August, The New York Post covered how he recorded a video in which he eats a banana whole, without peeling it.

Everyone forgave him though as the University of Kentucky beat the University of Florida. You can watch SEC Sports reporter Alyssa Lang gag as she keeps up her end of a bet and tries the mayo-ed coffee with Will Levis. Evidently, no one outside of college football was aware of this, and Will Levis took to Twitter to comment, "Creating beef between mayonnaise companies was not necessarily on my to-do list this week."