TikTok Is Fascinated By This Sandwich Commercial Trick

Advertisers have a few tricks up their sleeves when they need to make food look mouthwateringly good on television. According to Brightside, producers spray deodorant on fruit to make it shinier during photo shoots, engine oil takes the place of maple syrup when filmmakers need to photograph the perfect pancakes, and clouds of steam get added in after the shoot using Photoshop. Inventive advertisers always find new ways to make food look exciting and fresh, and one trick has recently taken social media by storm.

A TikToker recently posted some behind the scenes footage of a sandwich commercial that reveals how the camera man gets the perfect shot of the meal coming together. The video depicts a sandwich divided into stacked ingredients that balance on top of elastic strings. When the camera starts rolling, a guillotine-like razor cuts one end of the strings and they quickly snap to the side of the filming rig. The ingredients then fall on top of each other, forming a sandwich. Denizens across the social media platform can't get enough of this trick and love how the producers create the effect.

A visual trick that has TikTok buzzing

The TikTok video that showed off the sandwich shot has attracted a ton of attention. The post has garnered over 2 million likes and a ton of comments that range from "This is the type of stuff I live for" to "wow I always wondered how they did that." Some users loved watching the process, stating, "Even the commercial of the commercial makes me want a sandwich." While another joked, "My bad bro the lens cap was on, can we do it again."

If you have ever wondered how advertising magic gets made, you have to check out this video that rightfully has social media talking. Next time you admire how good food looks on television during product placements, you can remember this particular trick of the trade, along with a handful of other techniques filmmakers use to get the perfect shot. With any luck, it can do its job well and get you thinking about how good a sandwich sounds.