This Hand-Licking Fine Dining Dessert Course Has Reddit Confused

If you have to cough up the big bucks to eat at a fine dining establishment, you're probably going to expect a finger-licking good meal in exchange. As one diner recently found out, however, Washington D.C.'s Elcielo has taken that challenge to an entirely new level. TikTok user Trevaynebxtch posted a video of his experience at the upscale Colombian restaurant, explaining he was there to enjoy a special meal to celebrate landing his dream job.

After watching the informative video, which features Tré Vayne giving us the "real tea" about his dinner, there is little doubt that the meal was nothing short of "special." The feast included an impressive 15 courses and cost close to $180, according to Tré Vayne. The dishes featured some innovative plating. There was a cocktail in a coconut, a crab empanada in a box of rocks, yucca bread served in a wire tree, and chocolate poured directly over his hands. (Yes, we said what we said.)

Redditors wonder why diners would pay premium prices to lick chocolate off their fingers

At Elcielo, as Trevaynebxtch's TikTok video shows, chocolate was poured from a small pitcher onto his hands so he could consume it by licking the sweet, viscous liquid directly off his fingers. Over on Reddit, there is a passionate group dedicated to defending the use of traditional dinnerware, and according to its bio, WeWantPlates "crusades against serving food on bits of wood and roof tiles, chips in mugs and drinks in jam jars." As you can imagine, after someone reposted the chocolate-over-the-hands video, there were plenty of opinions that had to be shared.

One user pointed out their anxiety over Tré Vayne's very white sweater: "Feeling terrified every moment, thinking about that white sweater." And another seemed a bit uneasy thinking about being in the restaurant after someone orders this course: "The thought of watching other people lick their fingers in public is nauseating." There was one user, though, who questioned the need to go to a restaurant at all for this dish: "Why pay for this when you could just smear your hands with food and lick it off like an animal on your own?" Now, there's some food for thought!

Whether or not you would feel comfortable paying someone to pour chocolate on your hands in a fancy restaurant, we do think the next time you lick a melted candy bar off your fingers you should feel like you've made a high-end decision.