Paula Deen Fans Are Seriously Impressed By This Realistic Sidewalk Chalk Drawing

Artists love to immortalize celebrity chef Paula Deen and her restaurant. A website called Fine Art America sells prints of the photos they've taken of the personality's dining establishment, in addition to portraits of Deen herself. The chef even likes to dabble in painting, and says that the art form feels therapeutic and acts as a release, according to Cooking With Paula Deen. While fans have celebrated the chef in art before, one particular piece of chalk art has drawn some serious attention on social media recently.

Fans across Instagram have gathered to check out the art depicting a headshot of Deen next to a stick of butter. The post, published by the official account for Paula Deen's Family Kitchen, features the caption, "We had our annual Chalkfest at @theislandpf yesterday! Check out this chalk drawing of Mrs. Paula." And as it turns out, fans can't get enough of the likeness of the celebrity, with the chalk art appearing right in front of Deen's restaurant like a very creative welcome mat.

This Paula Deen chalk art has turned heads on Instagram

Deen's fans can't get enough of her likeness drawn in chalk. Responses to the Instagram post range from, "Excellent! Looks just like her" all the way to, "Right on!!" Others appreciated the artist's efforts — one user summed up the piece best with, "That looks great!"

The art was done by @jessiqueenart who has a ton of other chalk art on display on her Instagram page and looks to have some serious experience illustrating people. You couldn't ask for a better artist to take on the challenge of depicting Deen and her love of food, adding an extra touch of butter to the image. 

If you walk the streets of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee anytime soon, hopefully you can catch a glimpse of this art before nature and time have a chance to wash away the portrait. If not, just hold out until another chalk artist decides to sketch the favorite celebrity chef.