The Worst Mistakes A Cooking Show Contestant Can Make, According To Carla Hall

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a fledgling home cook, everyone occasionally makes mistakes in the kitchen. But for those who are competing for a prestigious title or a cash prize, mistakes take on a much higher level of pressure. While some professional chefs and bakers are lucky enough to stumble upon a happy coincidence from a mistakes, not everyone is so fortunate. 

Judges from cooking and baking competitions such as Yolanda Gampp and Jacques Torres have shared their thoughts on the biggest mistakes contestants make, but Carla Hall provided two seemingly very simple insights into what can really throw-off a competitor. The famous chef told Insider that the first mistake many contestants make on baking competitions is failing to deliver wonderful flavors and textures. She said she often finds, "the lack of salt and the lack of balance in textures" to be a major misstep in dishes she judges.

This is the biggest mistake of all, according to Carla Hall

While the lack of balanced flavors and textures are certainly an issue for bakers competing for a prize, such as on "Halloween Baking Competition" which Hall judges on the Food Network, it might not be the biggest problem (via Insider). The celebrity cook explained that what might be the biggest downfall of baking contestants is that they sometimes stray from their own instincts and tastes. 

"The power of having three judges is that we all have different palates and all like different things, but you can't do all of it," Hall told the outlet. "You have someone who doesn't like lemon and I love lemon." With so many people with different preferences judging the bakes or dishes served up, pleasing everyone can be incredibly difficult. That's why Hall thinks it is so important to stick to your own instincts and palate. "I think there's power in having different opinions but you have to understand how you truly feel about that thing," Hall said. So, those who do make it to baking or cooking competitions should stick to what they know and believe about ingredients.