The Unexpected Surprise One Trader Joe's Shopper Found In Their Ravioli

We'll have to admit that there is a certain amount of trust that comes into play whenever we pick up items from the grocery, particularly since most items are bagged or boxed so they can't be subject to a thorough once over. It's no surprise then that every now and then we'd find things we didn't expect in our grocery items. At its worst, a grocery manufacturing error can actually trigger an expensive product recall (like the time Whole Foods pulled back its vodka sauce because it had milk in it, but failed to declare it on a label, per ABC). But at its most lighthearted, a grocery manufacturer's error can provide a few giggles, like the one involving Trader Joe's and a bag of mini ravioli with cheese filling.

In a Reddit post titled "One of these things is not like the others," one Redditor shared an image of what looked like a lone tortellini that might have gotten adventurous at its production facility, and ended up in a bag full of mini ravioli cousins. And because one type of filled pasta looks like any other filled pasta when it's in a bag, we can only imagine that this would have been an error that no one could have spotted.

The standout pasta

One responded to the Reddit post calling it "the lucky tortellini"; another one called it "the lucky belly button" and added that the Reddit user "had been blessed." A third responded to the post with a laugh emoji and a comment saying, "hope you enjoy so much variety in your life" but also pointed out that the imposter "could become a problem for a vegetarian if the filling is ham or beef." But it didn't seem to be an issue with the original poster, who responded: "Oh shoot yeah. I don't eat meat but I don't remember if tj's has little dried meat-filled tortellini but I already ate it so oh well."

When another Redditor said the same thing had happened to him the week prior, this Redditor speculated about what likely happened at the production facility where the filled pastas were made: "[it was] just a jumper who got stuck in the hopper. That and I bet they don't QC Trader Joe's items to the same degree as others who pay more (which I should note does not affect food safety as much as it does quality)."