Pet Owners Need To Know About This Secret Dunkin' Treat

America may run on Dunkin', but that doesn't only apply to humans. Pets can get in on the fun, too. Like Starbucks Puppuccino, Dunkin' offers the Cup For Pup (also sometimes called the Puppy Latte), a four-ounce cup of pure whipped cream that's the perfect size for dogs to get their snouts comfortably inside — and hey, cats too, if they're into it. 

Because there's no extra flavorings or additives added, you can let your pet enjoy everything inside without worry. And the best part is, it's free — just ask for a Cup For Pup when ordering inside or at the drive-thru, per Hip 2 Save. Then, rest easy knowing your dog doesn't have to sit there giving you a puppy face or feel left out as you sip a cup of joe or enjoy a glazed donut — though we can't promise they won't be begging for more. 

The do-good mission behind Dunkin's Cup For Pup

Though the Cup For Pup at Dunkin' is normally free, there are also certain days when locations kindly ask for $1 for the pet treat as part of a charity initiative. According to Mass Live, the famous coffee and donut chain uses this money on particular days (most recently August 4) for donations to its Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation to help children fighting illness and hunger.

According to a piece by Geekspin, Dunkin' really took the initiative to heart this past summer, partnering with BARK (the company behind the popular BarkBox) by also issuing a couple of dog toys shaped like a plush coffee cup, sprinkled strawberry donut, and even a Dunkin' to-go bag. These were available for more generous donations, up to $15. And while there's no sign these toys are still for sale — they were available for a limited time only — we can only hope Dunkin' brings back the goodies for dog days of summer in the future.