This Was The Most Expensive Cheese Board Ever Assembled

Sixteen slices of Kraft Singles American are $3.50 or so, depending where you shop. The most expensive cheese board ever made puts that fully to shame with its price tag of 841 pounds, or $1,145.98, according to Luxuo. Of course, there are people who would argue that Kraft Singles aren't exactly quality cheese, but still, that's a lot of cheddar to spend on fromage, oui?

The super-luxe board made its debut at the Frome Cheese and Agricultural Show in 2012. Held in southwest England, the show celebrates and displays quality cheeses from all over the globe. Known affectionately as Frome Show, the event also hosts competitions involving horses, goats, eggs, grain, sheep, cattle, and much more, per the event site.

From a cheesy perspective, the show also puts on the Global Cheese Awards, holds demonstrations by cheesemakers and chefs, and auctions off prize-winning cheeses. There's even a Cheese Bar on site to nosh and relax!

All about the 841-pound cheese board

Donkey milk-based cheeses were largely the name of the game on this ultra-expensive cheese board, as seen above. Among those was a delectable Somerset cheddar, as well as a cheddar that contained both French truffles and gold leaf, says Luxuo. Incidentally, the milk used to create the cheeses was obtained from Serbian donkeys. Another cheese included was Abbaye de Belloc, which is produced by French Benedictine monks. That cheese is unpasteurized.

Ramping up the overall value of the board even further was a silver cheese tray, estimated at nearly 600 pounds ($817.91), as well as a solid silver cheese knife and scoop, worth 445 pounds ($606.62). Those accessories were topped off by a wooden cheese board worth about 120 pounds ($163.58). All told, the value of those items, plus the cheeses, and various condiments served with them brought the board's worth to greater than 2,000 pounds ($2,726.38). All together now — oh là là!