Duff Goldman Reveals His Daughter Is A Bamba Fan With This Adorable Picture

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Duff Goldman recently shared an adorable picture of his young daughter on Instagram with the simple caption, "Josephine [loves] @bamba." The picture reveals the smiling toddler sitting up with her legs extended between a whole value-sized bag of Bamba snacks. Seriously, this bag is almost as big as the tot, and clearly she's loving it. In case you're not familiar, Bamba are vegan peanut butter puffs (think cheesey poofs but made with peanut butter) and they're popular with younger children (as seen by the diapered baby on the packaging). It's more than just a brand, too — in fact, Bamba is a name used by multiple brands to describe these Israeli-style peanut butter puffs.

Fans repeatedly showed their adoration for the treat on Duff's post, noting this is the "best snack," while also loving the overpowering cuteness of the pic.

This adorable share is clearly relatable to fans, but we'll give Goldman some extra props for having such an amazingly clean floor with a toddler in view! Either way, we can't help but be excited to see young Josephine happily enjoying the same snacks we have in our homes.

The perfect peanut butter snack for toddlers

Bamba is owned by Israel-based company Osem, while food retailer Trader Joe's added their own Bamba product line in 2017 (via Haaretz). Trader Joe's Bamba features orange and white packaging with elephants. Both items feature the same four ingredients (peanut butter, corn grits, sunflower oil, and salt, as noted by Target) and are manufactured in Israel, but have different price points. Additional brands have added their own spinoffs for littles, like Puffworks Baby Peanut Butter Puffs. Much of the popularity is due to research published by the American Academy of Pediatrics on peanut allergies that shows Israeli children often have less peanut allergies due to being exposed to snacks like these early on (via Puffworks).

Of particular interest to parents of littles is this conclusion from the Academy, published in AAP News & Journals: "There is now evidence that early introduction of peanuts may prevent peanut allergies." Peanut butter puffs, or Bambas, have become one of the easiest and tastiest ways for parents to introduce peanuts to young children in order to prevent peanut allergies, spurring a rush to nab a bag — and the rush for brands to come up with their own version. As far as little Josephine is concerned, however, these snacks probably just taste yummy.