Cat Cora's Zombie Mama Cocktail Will Wow Your Halloween Party Guests

Chef Cat Cora is a well-known culinary figure who has worked hard to make cooking a lot more accessible to her fans. Per her official website, Cora studied at the Culinary Institute of America and gained experience while working at popular eateries in France. Cora revealed in an interview with Oprah that she looked up to her family members and chef Julia Child for some inspiration in the kitchen when she started her culinary career.

She also said that some of her all-time preferred ingredients are garlic and lemon. Some of her cooking tips are quite relatable. For example, Cat Cora recommends prepping beforehand to avoid stressing out later and focusing on how a dish looks. She thinks that presentation can go a long way in making a dish look appealing (via Pop Sugar).

If you're a shy home cook and don't quite know where to start, especially with Halloween just around the corner, don't fret! Cora has you covered. The chef has been sharing some useful recipes with her fans online. One of her most interesting recipes is of a cocktail called "Zombie Mama" that's easy to replicate at home. And yes, in typical Cora style, the beverage does pretty well in terms of presentation (via Instagram).

Some interesting ingredients

According to Cat Cora's Instagram post, "Zombie Mama" is a great beverage option for your guests at Halloween parties. "My Zombie Mama is the perfect showstopper cocktail for all your Halloween festivities!" she wrote. A fan was very impressed with the way the drink looked. "I've tried to make ombré drinks with only three shades of pink, and it was hard. You are one talented chef," the commenter complimented.

Cat Cora's recipe is fascinating. She uses grenadine, falnerum, pineapple juice, cotton candy, coconut cream, and blue food coloring among other ingredients to make the Halloween party drink. Cora suggests using a layering tool while mixing falnerum, grenadine, and cinnamon syrup before proceeding with the rest of the recipe. Her final step is especially interesting. "Top the drink with the cotton candy and torch to caramelize the sugar, then dip into the drink to activate the dry ice and chill the drink," she instructed.