The Real Reason Domino's Oreo Pizza Was A Failure

All signs pointed to a delicious creation with Domino's epic Oreo pizza. Giant cookie base, Oreos, vanilla sauce... what's not to like? Apparently, there really is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Even during its initial release in 2007, fans weren't that hopeful. A conversation broke out on ChowHound discussing the obscurity of the so-called pizza, with one stating, "I can't imagine this being any good, but am open-minded." The consensus was "ew," but that didn't stop patrons from adding it to their shopping cart. Comments revealed that enough people gave the sweet pizza a try to report back that it was two thumbs down.

Despite its lack of popularity, those that missed out on the Oreo pizza are dying of curiosity. Inquiring folks took to Reddit to seek out a copycat recipe, and Slice NY's review on YouTube has over 181,000 views. The reviewers said it all with a string of negative comments, one being "it's frosting on cardboard." Clearly, Domino's missed the mark here. Between poor execution and too many sweet components, even for $3.99, this 10-inch cookie pizza was too much for most to handle.

Where did Domino's go wrong?

The downfall of Domino's Oreo pizza may have had sweet tooths' scratching their heads, but the majority of the population was not a fan of the dessert pizza. According to Business Insider, the pizza was much too sweet, even for dessert, and was swiftly discontinued. Domino's isn't the only fast-food chain that reached far for a sweet option to please its steady customers. Taco Bell had a caramel apple empanada and Burger King shocked customers with a bacon sundae, shared Eat This, Not That.

Ordering pizza, or take-out in general, is definitely a treat, but not just because it's tasty. Picking up a ready-made meal can sometimes taste even better with the knowledge that the kitchen won't be a disaster post dinner. While tossing a dessert on the bill is common, it's not typically the reason patrons head to Domino's. A trip to the popular pizza chain is more for the savory focused, as they only started offering dessert options in 2001 (via Domino's). While dinner is a must, unfortunately dessert is not, so kids tugging at their parents' sleeves begging for something like an Oreo pizza are often ignored.