Martha Stewart's Blood-Moon Punch Will Wow Your Halloween Guests

Few celebrity chefs do holidays quite like Martha Stewart. She always brings creative and fun recipes to the table, and her fans are always excited to make them. While many people are still thinking about creative Halloween treats to make this year, Stewart has focused in on the beverage side of things. A photo of her stunning blood-moon punch was shared to the official Martha Stewart Instagram on October 12, and fans are wowed.

Within a week, the post has received more than 7,300 likes. "Guests will howl for this creative and super-festive punch," the caption reads. "Create the glowing moon by freezing orange juice and water in a bowl, then release it and float it in a mixture of concord-grape juice, ginger soda, seltzer, and fresh lime juice. And you can spike grown-up ghouls' glasses with an ounce (or two) of vodka!" Of course, fans were quick to respond, writing things like "looks amazing" and "you always do Halloween the BEST."

How you can make Martha's punch

Fortunately, the recipe for this eye-catching purple-red punch — which features a glowing orange moon with bats flying across it — is available on Martha Stewart's website. Stewart suggests making the orange moon first. It is simply orange juice and water that has been frozen in a bowl to create the round, full moon. Be sure to let it freeze long enough to keep it from thawing in the punch too quickly.

Next, make the punch. It's the simple mixture of concord-grape juice, ginger soda, seltzer, and lime juice that was mentioned in Stewart's Instagram caption. For a spooky finishing touch, Stewart placed candy bats across the frozen orange juice moon once it was floating inside the punch bowl. With that, you'll have a stunning drink for guests of all ages. It's really too easy not to try. Plus, there will be plenty of it to go around, as the recipe makes nearly 16 cups of the frighteningly delicious drink. Don't forget to place dry ice behind or safely under the bowl with a barrier for an even spookier cloud-like aura.