Burger King Japan's Windows 7 Whopper Was Almost Impossible To Eat

You've probably never heard of the Windows 7 Whopper even if you eat up all news related to fast food. Available for only seven days back in October 2009, the limited edition Whopper was the product of a collab between Burger King Japan and Microsoft (via Engadget). In celebration of the launch of Microsoft's new operating system at the time, Windows 7, the massive burger was priced at ¥777, and featured seven beef patties instead of the usual one, measuring out to be over five inches tall (via Apple Insider). Though Microsoft promoted the Windows 7 operating system on an international scale, the Windows 7 Whopper was only sold in Burger King locations in Japan.

But despite the fact that the Windows 7 Whopper was part of a major marketing campaign backed by a corporation as big as Microsoft, it apparently didn't live up to any of the hype, and customers would've much rather eaten a regular Whopper.

The burger was too beefy for customers

According to Gizmodo, the sheer amount of meat, along with the lack of cheese and a disappointing ratio of beef to lettuce and tomato, is what made the Windows 7 Whopper so unappealing. The burger reportedly tasted of seven courses of "F-grade ground beef," and required some jaw-dropping gymnastics to bite into. More meat also meant more grease. Gizmodo shared that the grease from the seven burgers soaked all the way through the buns to the point that they couldn't even contain the patties. 

Manga University reiterated this point, explaining that there was so much excess grease on the burger that it just dripped out of the packaging and onto your hands even before you got a chance to unwrap it. And especially since it was ¥777 only for the first 30 customers, but ¥1,450 for everyone else (via Gizmodo), the Windows 7 Whopper ended up not being worth the price either.