Here's Why Rosario Dawson Switched Up Her Diet

Rosario Dawson is very particular about what she puts in her body and has been tweaking her diet for a long time in order to ensure that she's prioritizing her health over everything else. According to People, the actress follows a vegan diet and spoke about her decision to cut out meat and dairy in 2019. She said, "I'm mostly vegan and raw these days for my health and peace of mind. I rest better, I feel better, with less inflammation and more flexibility."

She also found that her energy levels had significantly improved after embracing vegan food options and she wasn't lethargic after eating a filling meal. Adding to those pros, Dawson was able to pay better attention to the meals she ate in a bid to ensure that she wasn't missing out on any nutrients. "With my busy lifestyle, nutrition is very important to me, so I make sure to choose foods that give me the nutrients I want," she said.

According to Eating Well, Dawson later tweaked her diet even further to make it more gut-friendly after an incident that gave her a lot of perspective.

Rosario Dawson's dad played an important role in her diet alterations

As per Eating Well, Dawson's dad was diagnosed with cancer, something that really shaped her views on food and how it affects gut health. As she helped her dad through the recovery process, she understood a lot more about gut health and decided to make some changes in her. The actress said, "I learned a lot about gut health with my dad's cancer treatment. Gut health is emotional health, physical health, etc."

For Dawson, probiotic food items such as vegan yogurt are a regular occurrence in her diet. She's also fond of foods that are high in fiber, such as vegetables. Whole grains are also on the list for the actress, who also loves snacking on kimchi and sauerkraut. To make her meals a bit more fun, Dawson often incorporates changes based on the weather. So, she'll eat a warm bowl of oats during the cold months but have overnight oats for breakfast in summer. The best of both worlds, eh?