Jeffrey Dahmer Once Worked In A Chocolate Factory

There are some pretty frightening things that can happen around Halloween. Whether you are looking out for stray razors or you are worried about candy laced with drugs, there are quite a few things to look for when going through a bag of candy that was handed out. But one thing you might not have ever considered, or would have thought to wonder, is exactly who is behind the process of making some candy.

As it turns out, one infamous serial killer was actually employed at a chocolate factory in the not-so-distant past. Serial killer and sex offender Jeffrey Dahmer was employed at Ambrosia Chocolate Co. in 1985 where he worked the night shift for $8.75 an hour (via Los Angeles Times). It was actually there at the chocolate company where he was arrested by police and sentenced to five-year probation and one year in a work-release program in 1989.

This is when his time there ended

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jeffrey Dahmer's five-year sentence was suspended, and he was let off of his work-release program early. So, for 10 months, he continued to work at Ambrosia Chocolate Co. at night. After the work-release program ended, he began killing again, though his patterns and actions changed over time. Ultimately, Dahmer was fired from his job at the chocolate factory for constantly missing his shifts in 1991. 

Who knew the chocolate factory had such a dark character in its past? It might be enough to make you really think about where your chocolate comes from the next time you dip into your stash. If this thought is a little too frightening to think about, you can always choose to picture Lucy and Ethel stuffing chocolates in their mouths and down their shirts in the comical episode of "I Love Lucy" if you need a happier association with chocolate factories.