The Easiest Way To Clean Your Coffee Grinder

Ahhh, coffee. Is there anything more satisfying than that morning cup of joe? We don't know about you, but we literally go to bed each night thinking about the hot, steaming, fragrant mug that we'll enjoy as soon as we wake up.

There are so many ways to indulge in it, depending on your personal tastes and preferences, from a flat white to a shot of espresso to plain old drip coffee. But whichever drink you plan on brewing, most coffee experts can agree on one thing: It's best to grind your beans fresh each time. According to Java Presse, bulk grinding all at once is no friend to coffee, producing beans that quickly oxidize and lose their flavor — so it's better to keep a coffee grinder at home and grind your beans in small batches when you're ready to brew. 

Most home coffee drinkers have a simple blade grinder since it's economical and works very well for less-complicated coffee drinks. But, if you have one, you may have wondered about the best way to clean it; after all, you can't exactly submerge an electrical appliance in water. 

The trick is to pulverize some bread or rice in the grinder

If you have a coffee grinder at home, you may have struggled to figure out the best way to clean it when it becomes stained by too many coffee grounds — or, if you use it as a spice grinder, when it gets clogged up with spices. According to Martha Stewart, the most effective strategy is to grind up another substance that will absorb those excess residues and odors, such as bread or rice — and then use that to thoroughly clean it.

To do so, just tear some bread into the grinder and blitz it a few times; alternatively, you can use a few spoonfuls of uncooked rice. If you've used your grinder to pulverize nuts and want to get rid of the oily coating left behind, spoon some baking soda into the grinder and give it a buzz. Dump out the used bread, rice, or baking soda, and wipe thoroughly. And voila! You've got a spanking-clean coffee grinder ready for another round of delicious, aromatic beans.