The Publix Cooking School You Probably Never Knew About

There's no denying the hype around Publix grocery stores. One quick Google search confirms that people absolutely go bonkers over the giant grocer. Kitchn has called it "the best grocery store ever," for its well-meaning and kind employees, standard of cleanliness, seasonal displays, and great array of quality foods, including their own brand line. Southern Kitchen fawns over their delicious subs, which they say they practically live off of, noting that one from another sub shop "just can't compete." And they're not the only ones. Food52 espouses the "magnificence" of Pub Subs too, noting that there are literal love letters and fan accounts dedicated to them.

The love for this regional Southeast chain does not stop there. The Publix cake is said to be a thing of beauty as well, with someone from Medium driving over two hours to get their hands on one, calling out the flavor, attention to detail, and great price. So what if you could learn from the Publix cooking masters yourself and bring the tricks of the trade home?

Publix offers cooking classes, too

Although many may be unaware of its existence, a quick visit to the Publix website reveals that the chain actually has a culinary program as well, called Publix Aprons Cooking School, and there's a ton of locations to boot! Patrons in Florida, Alabama, Virginia, and Georgia may be close enough to one of these kitchens to learn some of the tricks that earned the store such a cult following. The school offers online classes as well for those further away who still want to get this culinary fix.

In person, Publix Aprons Cooking School offers demonstrations from chefs that cook for you with a step-by-step process so you can follow along, as well as offering hands-on demos for those looking to get their hands a bit dirtier. For those with families, Publix also offers Big and Little Chef classes, providing parents the chance to bond with their budding chefs in an interactive and tasty way and get kids started in the kitchen early on. Private classes are also available for groups. So for those who are culinary inclined and fans of Publix, this may be a great way to take your fandom to another level!