Try This Before Throwing Away Your Leftover Sushi

While there are many different incredible foods to choose from, sushi has to be at the top of the list. It comes with the ideal amount of protein, vegetables, and the perfect amount of rice in each delectable bite. Each piece is truly like its own little flavor explosion in your mouth. Sushi is also relatively healthy for you and features a variety of mouthwatering varieties from a classic spicy tuna roll to a warm dragon roll. If you're feeling a little adventurous, sashimi is also another option that you won't regret ordering.

However, with all the excitement of wanting to try all the delicious sounding versions, you may end up getting too many. Which, let's be real, is a great problem to have. While most of us will just toss the extra rolls into the fridge, it's important to note how long sushi stays safe to eat. Healthline reports raw or cooked sushi can last up to two or four days if it's stored in an airtight container. Although, if you open the container and it has a bad odor, looks dull, or has slime, it's definitely time to throw it away. But what do you do if your leftover sushi is still safe to eat, yet doesn't look as appetizing as it was the day before?

Try reheating your sushi in the microwave

Sometimes when we go to grab our leftover restaurant or grocery store rolls from the fridge, they can look a little bit bland. The rice becomes a little stiffer and they just generally lack the same appeal as they did a couple of days ago. Thankfully, there's a simple hack that can make your sushi taste restaurant-quality again. Taste of Home recommends taking them out of the container and putting them in the microwave for just 30 seconds, which will leave you with fluffy rice and enhance the flavor.

And if this sounds too good to be true, one blogger put the simple technique to the test to see if it actually worked. The author of The Fork Bite purchased a sushi variety pack from her local grocery store and nuked it for the suggested time. She explained that "after a quick blast in the microwave, it was slightly warm and oh, so juicy. Absolutely delicious." There you have it, a simple and effective way to take your raw fish meal to the next level. If you don't believe it, try it out for yourself!