Nightmare Before Christmas Fans Will Love This Cracker Barrel News

Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is an undisputed holiday classic. Since its release in 1993, it has gained a cult following, with many fans finding the unique tale to be the perfect bridge between Halloween and the beginning of the holiday season. And this year, fans of the film will be able to purchase an all-new "Nightmare Before Christmas" manga in the most unlikely place. While most fans might typically buy their manga and anime online or at the local bookstore, this new release will soon be available only at Cracker Barrel.

The Southern country restaurant and gift shop chain is now partnering with the anime and manga publisher Tokyopop to release a special, limited-edited "Nightmare Before Christmas" manga sold exclusively at Cracker Barrel stores, just in time for the holiday season. The manga will be written by Jun Asuka, and it seems as though it will remain fairly true to the plot of the original movie. According to the manga's synopsis, the famous protagonist, Jack Skellington, will "try his hand at a brand-new holiday ... and have the world yelling 'Scary Christmas!'" via We Got This Covered.

Some fans were surprised

Tokyopop made an official announcement about the new release to their fans via its Twitter page. "We're teaming up with @CrackerBarrel to bring Disney 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' manga to their stores!" the company posted. "Keep your eyes peeled for it next time you stop by." While some Twitter users seemed confused by the somewhat unexpected collab between the two seemingly very different companies, others were excited about the opportunity to get their hands on the one-of-a-kind manga.

One user called the new announcement the "Crossover event of the century." "It will add some nice variety to the gift shop," agreed another. Meanwhile, @NoahWashburn1 joked, "This tweet is a journey." So although the two brands might seem like unlikely partners, the new manga is certain to be a unique addition to any "Nightmare Before Christmas" collection. So die-hard "Nightmare Before Christmas" fans won't want to miss their chance to pick up a copy of the manga — perhaps while also enjoying a plate of Cracker Barrel's signature gravy n' biscuits.