What Makes Tropicana's New Toothpaste So Unique

There are some things that just go well together. Peanut butter and jelly. Wine and cheese. Cookies and milk. But on the flip side, there are also things that are just repulsive when combined, and most people would probably agree that at the top of this list is toothpaste and orange juice. As anyone who has ever brushed their teeth in the morning right before drinking a glass of OJ can tell you, the minty fresh taste of most toothpaste brands clashes horribly with the tangy, citrusy flavor of the orange juice, creating an unpleasant experience. But — all of that may be about to change.

The orange juice brand Tropicana has just announced they will be launching an ingenuous new toothpaste specially created not to ruin the taste of their drink. The new, limited-edition Tropicana Toothpaste is scheduled to drop on November 1, in honor of National Brush Day, according to the Food Network.

Tropicana Toothpaste contains "maximum OJ flavor protection"

Tropicana has partnered with the manufacturing company Dynamic Blending Specialists to create the brand-new toothpaste flavor that just might completely revolutionize our morning routines. While it might seem hard to believe, Tropicana claims their new launch will complement, rather than ruin, the flavor of their beverage. The new toothpaste flavor is manufactured specifically with "maximum OJ flavor protection," so as not to alter the taste of the juice, even if it is used right before pouring yourself a fresh, cold glass (via Instagram). 

The new Tropicana Toothpaste is unfortunately not available for purchase in retail stores, but fans who comment on Tropicana's Instagram post starting November 1 will be eligible to win a tube of the anticipated new product. And who knows — maybe if enough Instagram fans keep clamoring for this revolutionary new item, the flavor-protecting Tropicana Toothpaste may one day launch in stores, so everyone can enjoy a fresh, delicious glass of orange juice no matter what time of day it is.