This McDonald's Fresh Fries Confession Has TikTok Annoyed

McDonald's french fries have a long way to travel before they hit your tray or takeout bag. According to Insider, tons of potatoes get peeled, washed, and cut into long batons. These french fries then get coated in sugar and sodium acid pyrophosphate to ensure consistent color, and then get partially cooked and flash frozen before shipping to McDonald's locations across the country. As of 2018, the fast-food empire sold about 9 million pounds of french fries each day, making this side an extremely popular item, per Inc.

Anyone who has hit up a McDonald's thinks they know the difference between fresh and old french fries, and some savvy customers occasionally demand that the staff whip up a fresh batch of fries for their order. Thanks to a new TikTok post, customers can actually see what happens when you ask for a fresh order. The post is shot from the perspective of a McDonald's employee who has to serve up fresh fries for a customer. Instead of frying a new batch from scratch, the employee scoops up a bundle of already-cooked fries, dunks them in the deep fryer, and presumably serves them to the customer. Fans of the restaurant who thought they always received a new order of this side item couldn't believe what they witnessed.

TikTokers can't believe their eyes

A ton of shocked comments flooded the post. Responses to the TikTok video included gems like, "What about when we tell u it's for a baby and we need it fresh," and "Shouldn't they be fresh anyways? What are people paying for?" Another users blamed the restaurant chain, replying with, "The fact that anyone has to ask or demand should tell you that's a problem." One TikToker replied with, "It's not being rude asking for fries that are hot haha sheesh we aren't giving our money away," in response to the post's caption, which read, "#Stop being rude."

Next time you hit up a McDonald's at an off hour and demand fresh fries, keep this video in mind, unless you want some double-fried french fries. Otherwise, take the advice of another TikToker who replied to the post with some learned wisdom — "ask for no salt — fresh everytime."