Trader Joe's Fans Are So Excited For Its New Green Bean Casserole Bites

Ah, Trader Joe's, we can never seem to get enough of this country-wide grocery store known for its wide selection of products at low prices. TJ's is constantly mixing things up by adding new products to its shelves, refrigerators, and freezer cases, and when it comes to the latter, we're often surprised and intrigued by the frozen items available at our local store. From flaky bake-at-home almond croissants to masala-spiced veggie burgers to chicken-cilantro mini wontons, we love to stock up on frozen foods ranging from appetizers to entrées to desserts. 

Recently, the Instagram account @traderjoeslist, which keeps tabs on new and exciting TJ's products, posted an image of perfect-for-the-holidays green bean casserole bites, little phyllo dough cups filled with that Thanksgiving classic green bean casserole and topped with crispy fried onions (via Trader Joe's). And judging by the responses on the post, frozen food fans are eager to bake up a tray of 'em.

A holiday classic in appetizer form

Do you love green bean casserole, that classic holiday dish of creamy baked green beans topped with french-fried onions? If so, you're probably used to it being family-style in a casserole dish. But yesterday, @traderjoeslist posted about a fun new way to enjoy this dish — heat-and-serve mini phyllo cups filled with the casserole and topped with crispy onions. "These look incredibly delicious and very on brand for #thanksgiving!" the account wrote. "There's something about a curated bite that brings me joy."

TJ's shoppers seemed eager to try it out this holiday season. "Definitely going to try these!" one user commented. "Gotta find them," wrote another excited fan. Some customers have already tried the bites, giving them a thumbs-up. "I just had these today!!" wrote one Instagrammer. "So so good!! This is now my second favorite Trader Joe's product." So, if you'd also like to try out green bean casserole in a fun new format, check out your local TJ's freezer case today.