The One Thing You Can Do At Costco That Doesn't Require A Membership

Costco is a popular chain because it offers its customers the chance to take advantage of great savings and deals on a wide variety of groceries, household items, baked goods, and many other things. However, there is one catch. Although their prices are low, customers must become members to be able to shop inside a Costco warehouse. For many, the everyday savings on groceries and other essentials adds up to more than the $60 yearly fee Costco charges for membership. However, understandably, not everyone wants to shell out extra money just to gain access to a grocery store. But while non-members might not be able to partake in the chain's savings on groceries or household items, there is one department where they can still take advantage of some of Costco's low prices. 

The Costco pharmacy is open to all members of the public, and shoppers do not need a membership to purchase their medications there, according to Costco. It is against the law to deny health services to the public, so Costco's pharmacy is open to everyone, no matter if they have a membership or not. Prescription drugs can be purchased both in the warehouse and online by anyone, no membership required. This also means that non-members can take advantage of eye and hearing exams, free health screenings, and flu shots and vaccines at many Costco locations, regardless of their membership status, according to Taste of Home.

Costco members may get even bigger savings on prescription drugs

However, while non-members are able to purchase prescription drugs at Costco, those who shell out a little extra money for the annual membership fee, may be able to receive even bigger savings on their medications. According to Costco, members are also eligible to sign up for the Costco Member Prescription Program, which provides access to lower prices on prescription drugs for members, as well as eligible dependents under the age of 18, and even their pets. 

Customers are even able to access a list of many of the prescription drugs that are available through Costco's pharmacy and view their low, member-only prices online through the Member Prescription Program, so they will know exactly what they can expect to pay before they even walk through the warehouse door. So, while shoppers may be able to access some savings even without joining, some people may benefit enough from these added savings to make signing up for a membership worth the annual $60 fee.