What Type Of Salt Does Salt Bae Use On His Steaks?

Celebrity chef Nusret Gökçe, often referred to as Salt Bae, is an instantly recognizable name who has entertained many of his fans with his unique style. He likes seasoning food items with salt in a rather flamboyant manner (via Eater). He's undeniably a social media star who enjoys a robust fan following with millions of people rooting for him. They love his personality: He is known for his muscular physique, trademark sunglasses, and dedication to being a performer when he's cooking something delicious.

While it may seem lie Salt Bae is simply putting on a show for his audiences, his salting technique may not be a useless act, after all. As per Eater, it's actually an efficient way to ensure that salt is evenly distributed in a dish and tastes just right. Also, the chef favors a particular brand of salt, sticking to the product for everyday use.

Salt Bae prefers Maldon salt

Per Eater, Salt Bae enjoys using Maldon salt in all his dishes. "He says salt is essential because it brings out flavor ... especially when finishing off meat," a spokesperson for the chef explained. The chef ends up using as many as five giant buckets of Maldon every week. This salt is pretty extraordinary. It goes all the way back to the 1880s, when it was launched in the U.K.

Maldon is perceived to be a high-quality product. Per Bon Appétit, this sea salt is particularly good for the last step before serving a meal and can work well for meat, butter, vegetables, and more. Its flavor isn't as strong or "salty" as other types of salt. Guess who else loves using Maldon? Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver vouches for the product in his cookbooks. It's now easy to find a packet online or in a supermarket, but this wasn't always the case. However, its popularity is now hard to miss, and many cooking enthusiasts like Salt Bae prefer to use it over other options.