The Nostalgic Reason Chowder Is Trending On Twitter

Chowder is a warm and delicious bowl of soup versatile enough to utilize a variety of ingredients, including seafood or chicken, and elevate them from being a collection of everyday foods to becoming a comfort food classic. Like many people, you might know chowder as a creamy, thick dish, but sometimes the base is brothy and made with tomatoes (via Allrecipes). While it's no surprise that people might love eating a good chowder, there's at least one kind of "Chowder" that people on Twitter would rather watch.

This particular "Chowder" comes in the form of an animated show on Cartoon Network that features some oddly shaped creatures, including one named Chowder who desires to become a chef. Chowder interacts with other creatures that have food-related names (such as Truffles, Shnitzel, and Kimchi) and serves as an apprentice in a city called Marzipan. And according to IMDb, the show lasted for three seasons, running from 2007 to 2010. It also snagged a Primetime Emmy Award but was still ultimately canceled

Fans of Chowder did not enjoy how it was ranked on a tiered list

Recently, viewers who look back on "Chowder" fondly became a bit miffed to learn about a tiered list someone made that ranked Cartoon Network shows. It divided them into Good Tier, Top Tier, Mid Tier, and Low Tier programs. "Chowder" landed on the bottom tier, much to the chagrin of many. Twitter user LaNiece tweeted about the list (and others made by the same person) in 2020 and added a crying face emoji in response to the rankings. Others have noticed how low "Chowder" and other cherished shows were positioned. 

Comments poured in to express their disbelief or disgust. In a Twitter thread, Oscar Dread said to "never trust a mf who put chowder in low tier." Another user said that "if someone says they don't like chowder they obviously never watched it." And while the disgust from this show is not as bad as one from an actual chowder recall, it got the show trending and a conversation going.