Why You Should Think Twice Before Asking For Extra Pickles At Chick-Fil-A

When it comes to Chick-fil-A, ask and you shall receive. One South Carolina resident rolled up to her local restaurant with high hopes for an "insane amount of pickles," as requested on her order (via It's a Southern Thing). However, the toppings she was met with were far more than the standard handout of two pickle chips that usually comes atop an original chicken sandwich. In fact, she was greeted by a whopping 43 pickles when she opened the damp sandwich bag (you know, from all the extra juices).

Looking back at the attention to detail her order received, the woman said, "It made me smile and laugh." She also said that she had envisioned what likely went down behind the scenes as the employees learned of her request. "I pictured the Chick-fil-A employee seeing me order and saying, 'I got you' while grabbing a handful of pickles," she shared.

Naturally, the internet went crazy, as it does, and it's fair to guess that more than a few pickle-loving copycats attempted the same feat.

Chick-fil-A offered the woman with more than enough pickles

Every Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich is supposed to come with two pickle slices, although sometimes the unthinkable happens and this expectation is not met. Such was the case recently in Tyler, Texas when a disgruntled customer let the world know that only one pickle slice topped their sandwich, causing a social media frenzy to erupt (via KNUE). Reportedly, the fast food giant immediately took action to rectify the situation.

It only makes sense that the chicken chain takes pride in their pickles. According to Reader's Digest, Chick-fil-A makes it a key point to top off each sandwich with two pickles that are marinated for three days before making it into the meal assembly line. Chick-fil-A even created a press packet that emphasized the importance the two pickles make when it comes to enjoying their signature products. In addition to stressing the importance of the two-pickle system, the packet included a video of the farm where the cucumbers come from. 

When a diner deviates from this fundamental aspect of the Chick-fil-A experience, apparently the pickle flood gates open and anyone can expect their sandwich to get filled with a barrel's worth of pickles.

Facebook has strong feelings about pickles

Clearly, people feel strongly about these ever-so-crucial pickles. And, in the comments section of the 43-pickle post on Facebook, several social media users weighed in with their thoughts and admiration of the spectacle. "Ugh I need to know this location!! I've tried having them do this and they gave me one extra pickle on top of the two they gave me," one person said. Another added, "This is what I mean when I say extra pickles."

Just as there are fans of a plethora of pickles, there are also those who are turned off by such a thing. Over on Reddit, Chick-fil-A pickles have divided diners. For example, some patrons can't stand the topping. One particular Redditor, who claimed to be a former employee of the chain, said, "I'd say like 10% ask for no pickles. It's pretty small, but big enough that it isn't weird or unexpected. I personally ask for no pickles." Others have said, "Pickles belong in the garbage. Not on a chicken sandwich."

If you side with the pro-pickles camp, try pushing your luck next time you stop in for a chicken sandwich and see if you can beat the 43-pickle record next time a craving strikes.