The Hilarious Halloween Treat Nigella Lawson Makes Every Year

Who doesn't love Nigella Lawson? The domestic goddess has been inspiring us for decades with her confident and carefree attitude in the kitchen and her elegant, effortless dishes. Before she became the famous cookbook author and food writer that she is today, Lawson began her career in journalism, first as a literary editor for The Sunday Times and then as a restaurant critic for The Spectator. It was only after she earned her own food column in The New York Times that she decided to write her first-ever cookbook, which went on to sell three hundred thousand copies in the UK (via The Fruity Tart).

Lawson's debut cookbook, "How to Eat: Pleasures and Principles of Good Food," became an international phenomenon. In The Guardian, fellow British food writer Bee Wilson praised Lawson's "original voice" in "How to Eat," which she writes "worked its way into your head and made you feel braver in the kitchen." From her inclination toward eating alone to her habit of keeping a condiment collection near her bed, this London-born chef is not afraid to stick to her guns — and her annual Halloween treat is no exception (via The Guardian).

Lawson's annual Halloween treat is the perfect savory snack

While most eager trick-or-treaters expect packets of M&M's and fun-sized Snickers on October 31, some families like to keep things interesting and think outside the box. If there was one person we could count on to shake things up on Halloween night, it's Nigella Lawson. And her unique savory snack also happens to be the perfect solution to counteract all of the sugar kids are consuming on this special day.

With the spooky holiday only a few days away, the celebrity chef took to Twitter to share her and her family's unconventional Halloween tradition. "There's no logical reason why cheese biscuits/cookies in the shape of feet should be a #Halloween essential but, in my house, that's been the case ever since my kids were small," the TV personality tweeted. "And so, #RecipeOfTheDay is Cheesy Feet."

For those curious, the unique biscuits require only a few simple ingredients: butter, flour, baking powder, and of course, cheddar cheese. Lawson shares the recipe on her official website, along with some of her other Halloween staples which include Slime Soup, Witches' Hair, Ghoul-Graveyard Cake, and Blood Clots and Pus — don't worry, the treats are far more delicious than they sound (via Nigella). Who knew our favorite foodie was such a big fan of Halloween?