Costco And Sam's Club Fans Are Relating To This Hilarious Meme

Costco and Sam's Club offer up some serious deals that can get anyone excited to shop at the warehouse stores. According to Insider, the energy around some Costco store openings have gotten shoppers so riled up that search-and-rescue teams had to be called in to help manage the crowds. One Costco in China faced crowds so large on its opening day that management had to prematurely close the store for the day. Few stores can get shoppers so worked up, and some might compare the energy to that of an amusement park or club.

A recent meme that popped up on the subreddit r/Costco finally helped put the phenomenon in perspective. The post, titled "The definition of maturity," featured a meme of a crowded club scene with text reading, "Clubbing in your 20s." The bottom half of the image had the exterior of a Costco and Sam's Club emblazoned with the text, "Clubbing in your 40s." 

A relatable meme for warehouse shoppers everywhere

Costco-loving redditors loved the meme and flooded the post with replies. "I guess 30s is the new 40s," wrote one. 

"Oof. I've been going to Costco since I was in my 20s," commented another.

"I'm 27 and have never been clubbing," admitted a user.

Others remembered their first Costco outing, with comments like, "I remember when I first signed up for my Costco card (in my 20s, btw). I felt so grown up ... until they handed me a bag full of candy. Felt like a kid who just got done trick or treating. No complaints about free candy, though!"

Other users chimed in with gems like, "I've been clubbing at Costco since my teens. I was always called more mature than my age."

And speaking of maturity, one user suggested an addition to the meme. "Clubbing in your 60s: country club," they wrote.

If clubbing at Costco sounds more appealing than a nightclub, you have finally found your crowd in this subreddit.