Blaze Pizza's Sweet And Spicy New Pizza Features An Unexpected Ingredient

When it comes to topping off your favorite pizza, you have a ton of strange ingredients to choose from. Fans of this dish have used Heinz baked beans, peas, crab, and even mashed potatoes as pizza toppings, per Papa John's. If those items don't get you scratching your head, Blaze Pizza now offers a new product with an item that joins the list of peculiar pizza toppings.

According to Brand Eating, Blaze Pizza has launched a limited-edition Fiery Maple and Squash Pizza that comes with white sauce, mozzarella, bacon, Italian sausage, red peppers, butternut squash, and a maple drizzle. The 11-inch version goes for $10.15, while the large size goes for $16.95. Maybe you already have a favorite pizza but have always wanted to see what it might taste like with a bit more squash. If so, the chain has even more good news — you now have the option to top off any other pizza with squash or a bit of the fiery maple drizzle if you so desire.

While this strange new topping can get anyone curious, you might have to search a bit to find a location that sells this new take on pizza.

An autumnal take on pizza

According to Chewboom, the squash topping has only popped up at participating Blaze Pizza locations, so you may have to go on a small road trip to try it out. Reviewers also noted that an 11-inch Fiery Maple and Squash Pizza went for $9.95 in the area, suggesting the prices vary based on where you live.

While you don't have to fret if you want to get some squash on your pizza, you might have a harder time if you want to get another Blaze Pizza signature offering. Canadian Blaze locations have also come out with a new Hot Maple Drizzle, featuring a mix of maple syrup and hot chilis, per Business Wire. The item looks similar to the Fiery Maple Drizzle in the U.S., but the only way to really know is likely by taking a trip to the Great White North. Either way, brace yourself for a new era of squash-topped pizza and get ready to broaden your expectations of what toppings can go on a pizza.